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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Christianity, Black People, African Fantasy, and Other Random Thoughts

Christianity is not a "western religion". This is an error too many make when trying to find error with it. Every major religion from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, to Buddhism and Hinduism as well as other lesser know religious systems such as Kemetic Science all came from brown & black skinned people in the same region of Northern Africa or Western Asia ("Middle East") so not one of them is "western" or the "white man's religion". Human civilization, and that of Black people in particular goes back further than the Nile Valley region and beyond Egypt. Egypt is a part of our proud heritage, but also far too often the "fantasy bloodline" and phony roots that many try to go back to. Let's just agree on Africa in all its greatness.

Before Egypt there was "Kush" (Ethiopia) from which Egypt co-opted much of their culture, and before that there was the Fertile Crescent region from which other great city states were founded that would become world powers also such as "Babel" which would later be known as "Babylon", and associated metaphorically with evil, false doctrine, and oppression. Egypt took heavily from both of these ancient cultures and itself is also associated with bondage, idolatry, mysticism, and sin from which people were delivered from and told to never go back into spiritually. We don't know what we think we know and fight against what we need to know in our search for truth when it is right in front of our face.  

Our "identity displacement" has caused us to romanticize Africa along with Israel and Arabia to reject any other truth that may in any way appear tainted by European influence when in truth we influenced the Europeans and they co-opted what came from us to suit them. True Christianity believes and teaches God has revealed himself as "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit" and not three separate gods; who created mankind in his image and likeness as a triune being consisting of "body, soul, and spirit" with each part being distinct from the other yet not three separate beings but one.  

Europe by way of Catholicism incorporated the pagan concept of the "trinity doctrine" which can be found in Egyptian and Babylonian paganism that also brought in the "mother god" theology among other things, and is a departure from the monotheism of the Bible. This was done by the vehicle of Roman Catholicism which is a perverted form of Christianity and an amalgamation of various pagan beliefs that was taught to the slaves in the Americas not only by the Catholic church but also through other protestant denominations which retain some connection to Catholicism and also incorporate other false doctrines. This is part of the reason slaves weren't allowed to read or learn how so they couldn't study for themselves and learn the truth. 

It was also this same type of false Christianity under many different denominational banners that was carried by European missionaries to indigenous parts of the world such as back to Africa where paganism and ancestor worship was still practiced, and also after many of them had converted to Islam. However, Ethiopia and other places on the eastern part of the African continent and parts of Asia who had Christianity before Europe still held true to their Christianity in some form. If you want to know what true Christianity is and how to practice it you don't need to study ancient culture, but you can study the Holy Scriptures of the Bible as a sincere student of the word and learn in earnest. 

Set yourself to purse truth without allowing religious zealots and false academics to deter you or taint your pursuit of God Almighty in spirit and in truth. Being a scholar doesn't make you a Christian, but faith in Christ will. Many of those who claim to be scholars and try to discredit Christianity or the Bible are often times educated fools who major in the minors and only master ignorance being perplexed by simple things trying to impress others or being in love with their own intellect. They are so deep they drown in their own nonsense and all who dive in after them.

For further reading let me share this for your consideration:

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My religion is personal but in general I believe that whenever we try to promote a religion in the midst of our common cause as Black people it becomes a stumbling block that hinders our advancement from within and disrupts our unity. It should govern our personal behavior if we are what we say we are, but we need to stop trying to enforce our philosophies as the supreme way of thought over one another, and unite on common ground for a common cause which is the fact we are all Black people suffering the same oppression and in the same struggle. If anybody is what they claim to be and is so "enlightened" and "awakened" (as many say they are) then they should stop sleeping on this point and get with the program so we can make true progress. 

Here's another treatise for your consideration on this topic: "The Ideal of Black Unity Denied By The Reality of Religious Division" http://ijwest.blogspot.com/2015/06/the-ideal-of-black-unity-denied-by.html

I'm a proud Christian, and as of late have become fed up with having to constantly write or speak apologist rebuttals against continual attacks from Muslims, Hebrew Israelites, Kemetic Scientists, Atheists, and others which make my faith the focus of "the white man's" deception of Black people when that is an abject lie. When did we become so hateful and blind that we can't believe in God according to a certain way because someone of a different color skin or ethnic group does too? What is godly about that? God is for everybody and controlled or owned by nobody. All mankind is in need of the truth equally regardless of who it came through first. I will vehemently defend what I believe in and back it up with truth, but I shouldn't have to continually do that when I'm trying to unite with other Black people for the good of us all.

The "white man" isn't beating us down and systematically oppressing us globally by white supremacy because of our religious persuasions. Not even all white people are guilty of that, and many of them believe the same things we do to include the more supposedly believed "Afrocentric" dogmas. We're praying to God and they are praying to God but we seem to be getting different answers. God has answered but we're too lost in our attempts to "out Black" one another that we can't see the light and keep going around in circles lost in the wilderness but always talking about the "Promised Land".  We're still stuck where we were saying the same things that we were so it's time to do and say something different.  ~ I.J. West

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