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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Church, Buildings, Pulpits, & The Kingdom of God

John the Baptist came as a "voice in the wilderness" and not as a priest in the Temple. Yeshua Messiah came out of the wilderness preaching the Kingdom of God everywhere with multitudes following him into the wilderness where they were led & fed, and he never spoke behind a "pulpit" or came into the cities to pastor inside a building called a "church". The Kingdom of God was first established in the wilderness. Yeshua was a carpenter by trade but he never built a building for his ministry or rented one, and he prophesied the destruction of the Temple which YAH had once previously destroyed. Christ built his "Church" (people) on the rock of revelation about who he is as Lord and Savior of the World. The prophets and apostles never owned or sought "church" buildings for congregations but only hearing ears and eager hearts for the message of YAH. 

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