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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Ideal of Black Unity Denied By The Reality of Religious Division

I'm convinced we're "too religious" to unite as a people. We're unbalanced and unable to maintain the necessary balance long term. I have no confidence in a unified "Black People"; it's just a dream. Though I will continue to preach unity because it is right, I doubt we'll ever truly have unity among us for the betterment of our people. This is one area where all religions are guilty. I'm a proud Christian but I'm also a Black man who understands the importance of faith. The majority of religious Black folks in the Americas and Caribbean are Christian with a great number also in West Africa, and the majority of those in Eastern, North, and Central Africa being Muslim; not to mention the Middle East. Muslims & Christians are killing each other in Africa while Black folks in the U.S. argue over which religion is "blacker".

Every major religion was given to the entire world through Brown/Black skinned people and co-opted in some way by others to suit their needs and culture. God can't be first among a people collectively who constantly disagree on how to believe in him or follow him. There's too many competing ideologies with each one trying to prove it's superiority over all others while calling the others a lie and theirs the truth when the issues are about being Black, not religious. We'll never have unity unless we lay our differences aside and unite on what we have in common; which is being Black. There is no wisdom among the masses or the leadership to let that happen, and those who claim they want it to happen are the main ones fighting against it with their own subversive agendas and reckless presentations. Faith has its place. 

The strength of White Supremacy is its unity, which we don't have. Your religion should govern your personal life unto God and not become a snare in uniting among others for their greater good in life. Nobody can truly see God because the folks who claim to believe in him act the most ungodly and are the most divisive. I spend just as much time with Muslims as I do Christians and hear it from both sides, and then of course there are the "Hebrew Israelites" and the "Kemetic" believers along with others. All these divisions with no singleness of vision keep us stuck as we are. I have faith but not in us; especially not in those who claim to believe in The Almighty. You cannot win me trying to always offend me. Black People will continue to be subordinates and slaves to White Supremacy worldwide until they stop fighting among themselves.  ~ I.J. West


  1. Brother I share these sentiments to the letter.

  2. AboveThroughYou.comJanuary 13, 2018 at 10:41 AM

    My life I have sought how to follow my people, but as you have stated so clearly, we have yet to become a people, for to follow... How can religion vs service to the Most High God, keep us separate??? Maybe the key is to become spiritual believers and not religious people from which no good does or will ever come.
    I agree with you that being united as a people will not come to be until we come to realize, first, we are spiritual beings clothed in flesh. We must become of one mind just loving a creator we disobeyed, in different time periods, we expressed differently in different forms of worship.
    I disagree that we will not become one people; yes, in our limited power, but in the power of the Most High God, it will come to pass if only we continue to believe. Never stop believing in the power of the Almighty God, His purpose will be fulfilled...