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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Few Church Money Scams To Beware Of

Various Names of Church Money Scams 
1. Day of Giving Service
2. Seed "Sowing" Service
3. Seed "Planting" Service
4. Birthday Gift to Jesus Service
5. Payday unto The Lord Service (where you give an entire paycheck to the church, not the Lord)

Personal Observations on "Churchianity" & The Kingdom of God

Not long ago I was so deep in "CHURCHIANITY(church insanity) that I couldn't clearly see the "Kingdom of GOD" according to the scriptures. I left the conventional church to get to know better my unconventional God & Savior in the person of Yeshua the Messiah. For over 20-years I was in the "ministry fraternity" that wrongly defined God's Kingdom based on poor interpretations, blatantly misused scriptures, vain traditions, and false doctrines that tapped into carnality & worldliness masked as prosperity while promoting personality over genuine spirituality. I regret being duped into this mess and misleading others unknowingly.   #PHONY

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Spiritual Liberation, Hypocrisy, & Submission

I believe many conventional churches need an overhaul but that doesn't make them any less the Church than a home assembly. Where we gather doesn't make us the Church. Who we are in Christ does when we gather or are alone. Many Christian believers I've met or have become acquainted with outside of the "Conventional Church" often just stay at home and don't fellowship anywhere while angrily spouting scriptures they probably don't keep and can't properly explain. I was recently asked dumb personal questions with false accusations by a self-righteous person with a very religious spirit. I saw the same attitude and mindset in their words that leads to the cults we condemn. They are like many others I've met who think they are more spiritual than those who attend a conventional church, and everyone should listen to them. That's not being spiritual, but being a carnal zealot who believes their way is the only right way, and who never listens to anyone else or considers they may be wrong.