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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Black Nationalism

This is and will be my platform apart from and secondary to my Faith:

Black Nationalism - is a "Pro-Black" political and social-economic philosophy to help Black people independently achieve social equality, economic empowerment, and governance of the politics within their own community. Being "Pro-Black" does not mean being "anti-white", but that the interest of Black people as a community socially, economically, and politically comes first in the governments of men regardless of religious ideology or other beliefs.

Being a "Black Nationalist" does not require that one be a member of any political party or religious persuasion. It does not mean that a person or people must give up their core beliefs which govern their personal code of conduct or behavior, but that their personal beliefs should not be a divisive point of contention that hinders the continual unification and advancement of Black People as a whole. The philosophy of Black Nationalism does not promote racism or racist practices against other people, but it recognizes the need for Black People to put the needs of their own Community as the top priority over that of others. Other communities of people such as White, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American people have shown the strength and benefit of taking such a stance within their own communities, and practice similar principles among those with whom they share a common ancestry. That being so, it is of a necessity that the Black Community band together for the purposes of: 

1) Self Preservation & Protection 
2) Rebuilding & Maintaining Healthy Family Relations 
3) Education & Equal Access to Resources
4) Economic Empowerment & Self Sufficiency 
5) Social Equality As Members of the Human Family
6) Political control over the policies within our local communities 
7) Fair Treatment & Unbiased Justice by the ruling system of Law
8) Creating a "Black Constitution" or "Code" of internal self governance within our community  

Without a unified effort to achieve these things among ourselves in the Black Community and lay aside our petty or historical differences we will remain in the subservient position we currently are in, and have been for the last 500 hundred plus years of global colonization and domination of Black & Brown People under the systemic and institutionalized practice of "White Supremacy". The survival and success of the "whole" far exceeds the individual achievements or recognition of any singular person among us. We must immediately stop seeking out any semblance of a "Black Messiah" or "Deliverer" among those charismatic personalities in our midst who seek to set themselves up as such. Our community must lead the world in positive relations among humanity beginning first with improving our relationships among us. 

True leadership does not seek to lead but accepts the lead as a matter of humble selfless servitude to a cause much greater than one's self for the benefit of others regardless of recognition. Far too often we have been duped and taken advantage of by those among us who sought to emulate great leaders of the past by invoking images of nostalgia to play on our emotions and desperation. This has exposed our gullibility and rampant lack of accountability which we must immediately correct. The center stage "star of the show" must be the Black Community as one singular entity, yet with many voices that speak as one in truth with integrity and transparency. May peace and love forever be upon you my beautiful Black family, and also unto those who seek to live harmoniously with us in peace.  ~ I.J. West  


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  1. There are close similarities between the philosophies of "Black Nationalism" & "Pan-Africanism". Some may wonder why don't I just be a Pan-Africanist? While I acknowledge and hold in high esteem my African ancestry I also acknowledge the unique struggles and intermingling of my ancestors here in this country which has produced myself and others. I do not give my allegiance to the African continent above or in equal measure to that of Black People in the Americas; and in particular in the United States of America. Blacks in the Western Hemisphere have developed their own cultures in captivity separated from their ancestral homeland for several hundred years now. These cultural developments have impacted the entire world, to include the continent of Africa, with their own distinct signatures.

    The ability of Black People to survive and even in many cases thrive as we have is a testament to the greatness within us. Nobody tries to kill, oppress, or suppress such a people without having recognized that distinct greatness and feeling somehow threatened by it or inferior to it. It should be noted that Black People in the Caribbean, Central & South America such as in Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Brazil and the like proudly celebrate their African ancestry but do not ignore the traditions of their own unique cultures which they have built and developed over time independent of Africa.

    My loyalties lie with Black Americans in the U.S. first and foremost as the land of my nativity as well as my ancestors captivity. Unifying and establishing the Black Community here on this soil is my first priority among the global community of Black People. Once that has been done then we can more effectively unite with others elsewhere. However, while doing so we can stand in solidarity with those abroad in their own struggles without taking away from focusing on home first. It is important for us to maintain ties with Black people internationally, but not at the expense of losing focus on achieving our goals domestically.