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Monday, August 31, 2015

So You Are A Prophet To The Nations?

How are you a "prophet to the nations" when the only people you proclaim anything to are "church folks" regardless of how spread out around the world they may be?! You don't even speak to those in your own community but will gladly ask for or take their money to buy yourself a life they can't afford. How can a messenger be sent of GOD when all they do is say what you like or want to hear?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cuckoo For The Wrong Cocoa Puffs

Certain elements among us in the Black Community have a tendency to "blacken" things up a bit too much. I understand the outrage over "Cecil the Lion" being killed in contrast to the insensitive responses of people over the racially biased mistreatment of Black People. I was upset about that too the same as with the general public's racial bias against someone like Michael Vick for dog abuse in contrast to someone like Ben Roethlisberger who was shielded from being convicted of rape; not to mention the many others guilty of habitual domestic abuse that don't make the newsreels and avoid being demonized nationally like Ray Rice was.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

President Obama & "Us"

I don't know how many times it has to be said to Black folks to unify and put their money where their mouth is to press our issues for the change we need. Folks seemed to think President Obama was the messiah or Black Santa Claus who was going to give them everything they ever wished for, or at least "hook a brotha up". NO, he's a politician not a magical genie and it doesn't work like that. He was never going to just "hook us up". You have to force politicians to work for you or they will gladly take your votes and put others before you that make their voices heard with their money. If you voted them into office that means you are their employer, so make them work for you or take action instead of just complaining. The reason others got what they got was because they made him work for them while we just keep marching, singing, rioting, and doing more of the same.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

No-tep on the Hotep My Brotha!

"No-tep on the Hotep My Brotha!" Never listen to unbelievers who try discrediting your faith to convert you. Beliefs such as the "trinity" (Osiris, Horus, & Isis of Egypt taken from Nimrod, Tamuz, & Semiramis of Babylon), "praying to saints" (polytheism & pantheism), and "praying to Mary" (Isis, Ashtoreth aka "Queen of heaven" worshipped in Canaan, Semiramis) that atheist historians and "Hoteps" (believers in the religions & sciences of Ancient Kemet/Egypt) talk about as the Egyptian foundations of Christianity were primarily copied by European Gentile pagans who weren't genuine Christians. They incorporated false doctrines into Roman Catholicism and promoted them as Christianity even to our present day. None of this actually has much to do with true Christianity or "the faith" as taught by the Holy Scriptures. Those types of arguments are meant to undermine the faith of true Christian believers to draw them away from YAH just as they did in biblical times. We are told to avoid them for this very reason.