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Monday, January 9, 2017

No Colorline in Christ

There are Black & White people who are Christians and there are congregations that are predominantly one or the other but there is no color line in the Body of Christ. That's the part so called pro-black "Conscious Community", "Hebrew Israelite", and other supposed pro-black groups hate because they want all Black Christians to be as hateful as them towards other ethnic groups and forsake our faith in order to be considered "black enough".

The Anti-Hotep Blog

I'm done with the "Conscious Community" for good. You've proven that it is completely impossible to work with you, and you're more hostile to black folks than you are towards those who mistreat them. I don't trust you, I don't like you, and I don't care anything for what you say you're about or doing because everything you say is a contradiction to what you claim to stand for. If you're on any of my social lists please make your exit. I no longer care to unite with you no matter how "pro-black" you claim to be, because all you've been is "anti-black" to me and others from what I've experienced. You're issues with my religion is your problem, not mine.

Hotep Hypocrisy

Don't be duped by videos on the internet with titles like "Christian Pastor leaves church", and think these people in the videos are legitimate pastors or even solid Christians. They're never well studied and almost always involved in things behind the scenes they won't disclose that are the real reason they left. The fault of those who believe them is their own lack of knowledge in the Word. The outrage against the truth by the Conscious Community only proves the Scriptures.