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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Challenge Of Your Ethics

QUESTION: If you had a family member or close friend who got robbed, swindled, raped, or molested and the perpetrator got caught but they were a very important person, would that change your opinion of the offender's guilt? Would you prefer forgiving the offender, restoring them and getting them some help over defending & helping their victim? What if it was your child, mother, sister, father, brother, spouse or other relation they robbed, swindled, raped, or molested? How important does the victim have to be in your eyes in order to get equal or greater consideration than their high profile assailant or V.I.P offender? It doesn't require knowing God or being religious to do what is right, but doing what is right in the face of wrong is always of God. Wrong is wrong and right is right no matter who is doing it, but there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pro-Black Illogic vs. Practical Logic

I write and teach because those are my gifts. People today seem to prefer visual stimulation such as videos & television over reading & research because we're more entertainment oriented than intellectually interested. They often make videos their main resources for what they consider infallible scholarly or spiritual information. Great things do often come by that medium, but the scholars you parrot and meme also wrote books and research papers to be read. The old saying of, "If you want to hide something from a (black) person just write it down or put it in a book", didn't come about without merit. It's not actually talking about a complete absence of reading but an apathy towards investigative study in one's reading to discern truth.

Monday, January 4, 2016

No Title Necessary, But It's Just The Truth

As I talk to my own adult children and experience the world through their eyes while also watching their children grow up before me, I see things much differently than I have before. The same as I say to Black men about Black women I say also to Black women about Black men: "Please don't give up on Black men because the ones you met so far were a disappointment." A good man doesn't always start out as a good man, but he often becomes one after making many foolish mistakes. The insensitive axe doesn't understand the pain it causes the tree.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Focus ("Resolution") for 2016

I'm not one for "New Year's Resolutions" anymore or yearly "prophetic slogans", but I will share my personal focus for 2016 and beyond: "Stay in your lane, run your race at your pace, do what's right even if it seems you're the only one doing it, teach as you were taught & gifted to do because that's your commission in this life, and let your dreams become words to communicate & translate into blueprints & plans for the actions you take towards the things you create." You must learn to fully accept who you are with the gifts and purpose you've been given whether others accept it or not.

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Name of "JESUS" Controversy

I've never had a problem with the name "Jesus". I know how old the letter "J" is, and its use as it pertains to the name of "Jesus" is not a controversy or conspiracy as some others believe. "Jesus" is a transliteration of the Greek "Iesous" which is a transliteration of the Hebrew "Yehoshua" for "Joshua" or the Aramaic "Yeshua" depending on the dialect and accent one uses. The Greek alphabet does not have a "Y", and the "I" in Greek is the closest equivalent to the Aramaic or Hebrew "Y". "SOUS" (not "Zeus" as falsely taught by some) is the transliteration of the "SHUA" sound. When translating languages you cannot simply make people easily change their accent to pronounce words with letters they don't have in their alphabet. This is true even when speaking a different dialect of the same language.

Dear BLACK PEOPLE, in the year of 2016...

Dear BLACK PEOPLE, in the year of 2016 please stop doing commercials or other publicity that makes you looks like happy slaves cooning and buck dancing for chicken, income tax refunds, hair care products, and anything from fast food restaurants that is bad for your health. Let's stop the violence, murder, abuse, parental neglect, male chauvinist misogyny of our women, ultra-feminist disrespect of our men, and crime against one another. Stop the incessant debates over religion that further divide us to try proving which is more "pro-black". You can research and decide for yourselves what you want to believe in without insulting everyone else because their freewill choice doesn't agree with yours. Religion, philosophy, and science aren't the problem but people are the problem regardless of their color or ethnicity. The Black Community too often deifies white supremacy, and sounds as if it suffers from an inferiority complex that is massaged by pro-black revolutionary tirades which are ultimately nothing more than venting.