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Sunday, June 21, 2015

On Behalf of Black Christians.....

To my Black & Brown "family" on behalf of us Black Christians,

None of you living who oppose Christianity came from a southern slave plantation or off a Trans-Atlantic slave ship, and because we can read and study for ourselves now we don't use the excuse "what the white man taught the slaves" to explain our choice of faith. You can write the most plain and clear information or speak in the most direct way and it seems Black folks will still miss the point focusing on the wrong thing, only to end up starting a fight with you and forgetting what we are suppose to be fighting for together.

One thing about my people that deeply disturbs me is how we don't pay attention to detail or read and listen closely. We jump to emotional and defensive conclusions or act overly superstitious, suspicious, or spiritual to only end up fighting among ourselves trying to dominate any point. We mock each other for our skin tone, personal religious convictions such as "forgiveness", or because some don't demonize all white people as being bad or against us and instead choose to accept people as individuals first. Your enemy knows this about you and uses it against you. I caught myself falling into the trap of "black hatred & ignorance" under the misdirected guise of "pro-black" ideology like many among us I see.

I have plenty of "Black Rage" against White Supremacy, "Black Love" for Black People, and am "pro-black" in my social-economic thinking, but it is my Christian faith that has kept me balanced and always brings me back to my center so I don't become extreme and lose focus on my salvation nor in fighting for the rights of Black & Brown people. Our ancestors who were brought here in chains on slave ships from Africa were predominantly followers of Islam or Ancestor worship and even some Kemetic philosophy. None of those religions or any of the other African or Asian religious philosophies stopped them from being made slaves nor has liberated you from suffering under systematic White Supremacy by a dominant few in positions of power over us here. 

White slave masters and those who benefited from slavery taught FALSE Christianity to Black slaves by twisting the scriptures of the Bible according to European Roman Catholic false doctrine that also produced the "Protestant Reformation" which did not correct much of it. It was this corrupted teaching that was used to make Black people docile, servile, and submissive to them. That contradicts what the Bible teaches, and is not what we believe or practice as Christians. Most of the slaves were wise enough to recognize that the Christianity their white slaves masters and other racist whites practiced was not the Christianity of Christ as taught in the Holy Scriptures, yet they used what they learned of the truth in the Bible to believe for and even fight for their freedom and ours. You got it twisted and very wrong.

The "system" got YOU so twisted you reject a doctrine centered around a Brown skinned Hebrew Jew named "Yeshua Moshiach" (Jesus Christ) who taught against the kind of injustice we've been suffering. Slavery was practiced worldwide even before & after the Bible was written, and in Africa & Asia it was very different from the brutality of slavery in colonial times. It was never God Almighty's plan for men to make other men slaves, and the laws written for that time back then were in accord with their customs and manner of life then. You don't live back then and we have progressed from that to where we aren't suppose to practice slavery at all as God originally intended. 

Yep, "masta" got YOU all screwed up in that you think what he co-opted from other Black & Brown folks in West Asia & Northeast Africa is his so you rail against it despite the facts you ignore, and then try to return to other religions that didn't deliver you out of his hands in the first place. He took our lands and calls it his. He took our inventions and called them his. He took our culture and called it his. He took our religions and called them his. He even took our ancestors and called them his. Now in your ignorance you agree with him and say what he took is his, but are eager to go back to what didn't save you from him.  

Any religion can be a weapon for liberation or used for manipulation depending on who's using it and their motives. Let the faith or philosophy you believe guide your personal behavior but stop trying to force others to bow down to your beliefs while continually trying to offend them for what they believe because you don't agree. YOU are being an "agent, coon, sellout, traitor", and everything you call others who disagree with you because all you do is constantly promote division over religion, and spend more time fighting against other Black people rather than fighting for them or with them along the lines of what we have in common. 

We kill any movement we begin before we can even get anywhere trying to "out pro-black" everyone else in our ignorance and stubbornness. After all this I keep seeing among us it is easy to see how we are in the shape we're in for so long, and even harder the opposite way to see how we can ever be unified to get anything meaningful done. As long as we keep this up we never will. Christians read history too and even teach it so we're not all unfamiliar with what you think you're "waking us up too".

Not one religion you can bring up has significantly changed anything for Black people in an overt fashion in this country, but more Black Christians have stood up for our rights and given their lives for our cause than any others. Judaism rejects Christ, and you see the kind of near annihilation, persecution, and hatred their faith and ethnicity has brought them. Orthodox "Muslims" enslaved untold millions of Black people in Africa via the Trans-Saharan slave trade and also sold small numbers of them to white Europeans in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade but constantly deny it. In fact, they have been enslaving Black Africans for over 1,000 years to this present day but you want to make a case for Islam? Negro please! 

The "Nation of Islam" is based on religious falsehoods and is a false version of Islam. Though they are in some Black communities doing positive things the trade off is accepting their false doctrine by professing one's belief in a white man as God who claimed to be of mixed heritage named W.D. Fard, and accepting Elijah Muhammad as his prophet. The NOI call white people devils and teach that they were created by a mad scientist but yet worship one; or at least what they say is a half white one. Let's not even go into the "Mother Ship" UFO they teach is coming back for them to destroy white people. So you too can be a "Jedi Negro" if only you join. 

The "Hebrew Israelites" haven't done a thing beyond making loud speeches hollering and cussing while some dress up like rejected Power Rangers & The X-Men. Their whole spill is to get you to accept that you are cursed by God for disobedience as to why you're here but should be mad at white people for it. If Yah cursed them then why be mad at white people or other Black Africans for it? That's stupid! The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade didn't start until the 15th century, so they would have you believe that God Almighty has been pissed off at Black folks for nearly 2,000 years because of our disobedience. Again, that's stupid! Why would I want to serve God according to them if he holds a grudge for such a long time? They teach a "Negro" and a Black African are two different types of Black people. They are so "Hebrew" they don't bother recognizing that the word "negro" is Spanish for "black". 

The "Hotep" Kemetic crowd want you to go back to Egypt on their "Pan-African magic carpet", and not one of them can trace their ancestry to Egypt. Egypt was overrun and conquered by the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, French, and even Hitler's Nazis so it wasn't this "Lord of the Rings Afro fantasy" they make it out to be, and is not the cradle of civilization but one of many centers of ancient civilization. They are infatuated with it and think by dressing up in African attire like a third place Halloween costume contestant they are more pro-black while seeking contact with dead ancestors. 

The existential "Intellectuals" who are also part of the "Conscious Community" talk about science or what they consider true history, and often blur gender lines while perhaps drinking herbal teas with their pinky finger extended at socials where their diatribe leaves you wondering how to effectively clean one's colon of their Afrocentric bull-crap. "Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism", and the other "isms" will have you believing in reincarnation hoping to come back White so you don't get your Black behind beat all over again.

All these groups are trying to "out black" one another and no closer to our equality than the next. So you want to be one of them? Then take your pick of nuts and join a jar. 

See, I can be just as offensive as you all are when need be but much more truthful when I do it. No matter how intellectual you are or how religious you claim to be it makes no difference when you are looked down upon and treated as just another "nigger" where you live under the yoke of White Supremacy. Leave folks religion alone and move on to something else because so far yours isn't working. We fight each other about God, and God is probably looking at us like we're crazy. 

You are no closer to heaven than I am but we are both still existing in this same man made hell. Get your focus right and take your aim off of me. I'm not the one aiming at you, and my faith doesn't negatively affect you but you keep trying to control mine with yours. Don't get it twisted in thinking I'm just preaching the superiority of Christianity over other faiths, but I'm sick and tired of the falsifying of facts and mudslinging against Black Christians as deceived by what "masta" taught out of the Bible. If you can read then shut up, go read, and study for yourself and stop condemning everyone else because they choose to believe something you don't that's working for their faith. I'm unapologetically Christian without compromise, and proudly Black. Deal with it. Shalom.  ~ I.J. West


  1. I've been having problems with the comments section lately and have told Google about this before as to how some folks comments come through and others don't, and I don't know why. If this persist I may switch to another blog hosting site.

  2. Lots of great insight here, wish this was on YouTube so that more ppl could hear it

    1. Thank you, and I will try to do that. Here is a link to a video I did recently with a friend of mine on "Being BLACK and a Christian" you may like; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWVmS2faN9M&feature=youtu.be