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Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Black Perspective on White Indifference

The following paragraphs are my thoughts and words put together from conversations and interactions with various friends and acquaintances on the recent issues of race and relations here in America. For some they will be offended and others will empathize, but the goal is to make you think and have a positive impact that will lead to further conversation among those wherever you are for a greater understanding that will ultimately lead to helping find realistic solutions without continually and only rehearsing the problems. It is conversation and my personal perspective expressed in the hopes you that are reading better understand the thought process behind some of the various feelings and thoughts currently being voiced in our society:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

ICONOCLAST: "Bill Cosby, Jello Puddin-Tang, & Being Black"

"ICONOCLAST" - One who destroys traditions, superstitions, religious images, icons, or cherished beliefs that are based on error. 

I venture to disagree with some on the issue of "Bill Cosby" being lynched as a target of white supremacy or racism, because I don't believe that is the case concerning the current drugging and rape accusations against him. Cosby isn't being lynched; he's being told on in a very public and uncomfortable way which may or may not be the truth. This is not the flagship story of the day but one of several minor stories that just happens to involve a black man of great prominence. Everything is not the conspiracy we think it is. Powerful men get away with a whole lot more than the "average Joe" because they have a whole lot more means and influence, but the "chickens always come home to roost" in the end.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I'm Having A Hard Time Hearing You "Brotha/Sista"

Let me say this clearly: WHITE POLICE OFFICERS UNJUSTLY KILLING BLACK FOLKS HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH BLACK FOLKS ADDRESSING BLACK ON BLACK CRIME, SALVATION, OR OUR COMMUNITY ISSUES. You can make all the speeches or posts you want about "our" issues and preaching the gospel but that is not going to stop the police from putting a bullet in you or beating you to death. If you say the gospel is the solution and we need to preach it and live it then make sure you take that same message down to the local police station and preach it there too as well as on the steps of each city hall and state capital. We know "sin" is the main issue for all humanity, but injustice is a symptom of the sin we're in. If you're going to preach the gospel against sin then you can't ignore addressing injustice and truly call it the gospel.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

An Open Letter to "Some" of the Black Community

To you of the black community who often come off as self-righteous pundits against the black community to make yourselves seem politically correct or appear as the "safe & non-threatening renaissance black man/woman" by constantly bringing up "black on black crime" to deflect issues of racism, police brutality, and injustice in our justice system against black people why don't you get off your "safe & non-threatening renaissance black behind" and go down to these same communities you condemn and actually help or send some resources. Most who talk like you feel they have "escaped", left that life behind, or risen above it all. Well then help someone else rise too even if that means rising right where they're at. I'm sure there are many that could really use your help. Why are you so eager to point out all of our problems and air out our so called "dirty laundry" while standing on your soapbox, but you won't use or offer any of the soap in your box to help clean the laundry?