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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Excerpts From A No Holds Barred Conversation

Earlier I had a phone conversation with my brother William Avery​ aka "Churchboi", that became a personal ministry moment. He started off by saying, "Man I need to vent for a minute." When I heard what he was saying I begin writing it down and posting various direct quotes from him on my Facebook page. These quotes are from a private conversation that was every bit more anointed than any public sermon.

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Brief Word on "Bitterness & Love"

Money can't buy love, and bitterness should never be able to stop it. "Bitterness" is much more than the resentment one chooses to retain, but it is also the numbing or protecting of one's self from experiencing the same kind of pain again by trying to avoid the same experiences and refusing to ever again take the risk. How someone else hurt you should never be stronger than the love within you and your will to give it. Love is a gamble you play with your heart, but it is the only risk worth taking regardless of how often you may seemed to have lost.