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Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Real Niggas" Are The New "Uncle Toms"

"Real Niggas" are the new "Sambos", Uncle Toms" and true "sellouts" in the black community. "Sambos" were black people who despised their own people so much so that they would spy on them and sell them out for their white masters & overseers. In modern day terms they are often called "agents", and were the primary cause for the failure of every slave revolt by black slaves. They identified their own well being with that of their master or white folks, and ingratiated themselves to white people against black people.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

We Don't Know Like We Assume... "Demons" & Etcetera

Here's a nugget of truth to hopefully provoke you to study the Holy Bible. Many who teach on "fallen angels" often have the wrong information. I can tell this when they declare themselves a teacher or minister full of experience and trumped up phony mystical prowess who specializes in "Demonology" or spiritual warfare against "demons". This is an instant giveaway that they are not because they would know the word "demon" is not in the Bible. "Satan, enemy, devil, devils, spirit, spirits, angel and angels" are the words used to describe fallen spiritual beings. "Demon" or "demons" is never used even in the King James English translation. I know what people mean when they use the term and I use it myself, but what does the Bible mean and why doesn't it use the term?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Truth is Greater Than the Myth

Why do the children of God, right along with the world, choose to rather believe in extraterrestrials from outer space or angelic spiritual beings mating with human beings to produce hybrid humans or giants, and are more interested in believing false science over the Holy Scriptures? It is because we are lazy minded and dull spirited simpletons who prefer chasing fantasy & myth over pursuing biblical truth. The bigger the lie, and the longer it is told as well as the more fantastic it is the more we believe it and pass it on as fact which keeps the deception ongoing. We "read" but don't "study" because it is not entertaining enough or because we hate doing the research ourselves so we'd rather just accept what others have done for us with little regard for whether or not it is true.