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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

So You Have a Problem With "Black Lives Matter"?

Why is there so much onus on the Black Community to do more to clean up its neighborhoods when we don't own most of where we live or are given equal opportunity? That same expectation isn't put on White Communities. Our taxes pay for lawful protection too but we get government terrorism and police brutality too often instead. When we say "Black Lives Matter" a chorus of folks jump up in opposition to say, "All Lives Matter." If so, then why don't they also stand up against the injustices done to Black People as part of the "ALL"?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Wrong Way to Unite The Black Community

Trying to attack an individual's religious choice during a major group crisis IS THE WRONG WAY TO UNITE THE BLACK COMMUNITY! The manner in which the above pictured book is most often presented to Black People is as an attack on the Christian faith and Black Christians under the false pretense to liberate or enlighten them on what is erroneously called "the white man's religion." It's great for historical research to know how white people thought during slavery, but it is not used for historical research as much as it is used to try discrediting Black Christians in particular for being Christians and to try discouraging any others from becoming Christians. These same types of things cause divisions among those who are trying to unite within the Black Community, and can be fatal to any attempt at "Black Unity". Again, THIS IS THE WRONG WAY TO UNITE THE BLACK COMMUNITY! You will fail, and fail completely while we remain in the same conditions as a people together regardless of your beliefs.

Friday, July 8, 2016

One last thing, WHITE PEOPLE...

Before I take a short break to collect myself from the stress of the recent tragic events in our nation I need to say this: "WHITE PEOPLE", I spend more time addressing Black People because of my common familial bond with them, but I don't trust the "White Community" in general to do anything to stop racism or stand beside the Black Community in fighting against injustice. There are some exceptional individuals who do stand for what is right regardless of skin color, and I love them irrespective of color because they respect & love me the same way so I'm not talking about them. However, they are a very small few who's voices get drowned out by the majority of you who choose to say and do nothing, or who choose to speak out against the victims of injustice & brutality. You blame us for the evil done to us but then cry and get outraged over the deaths of gorillas & lions while expecting us to cry for your children?! In response to your hypocrisy most Black folks feel like, "Hell naw to the naw naw naw!"

Thursday, July 7, 2016

How Does The Black Community Unite? (The Short Answer)

Whenever I've made statements about the necessity of unity in the Black Community for our advancement and to effectively combat the injustices against us the number one question that gets asked in response is, "HOW do we make this happen?" Often it seems as if I can hear the frustration, anger, and sadness behind the question being asked because I've felt the same way. In spite of all our many great achievements a "unified Black Community" is the one thing we have yet to accomplish, and it is the main thing those who oppose us fear most. Based on my experience it seems impossible, but nonetheless we have to make it happen because our survival depends on it. Until we get together we'll never be able to get it together. Without unity we can't save our community. We cannot face and overcome the regular crushing brutality and injustice against us as a divided people. So, "How do we unite?" Here's my answer to the question (take it or leave it):