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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

To Easy A Slave & Never the Masters of "Us"

When I see certain responses on racial issues by Black people I say to myself, "Now I understand how we became the primary targets for slavery." We're too fearful, easily deceived, gullible, submitted, and passive like the perfect slaves.

As of late I see a bunch of internet posts or hear speeches from us in the Black Community talking about how we're "kings & queens", but whenever we have a discussion or debate we only end up going against each other with vitriol as "niggas, bitches, coons, agents, and sellouts" because we are unable to respect the right of another to have a different opinion, belief, or perspective than ours. I have no problem with calling a person out if they are clearly what has been said. However, I listen closely to everyone before I make that determination or it just becomes the go to cop out comeback when I can't respond or answer intelligently to my own brothers & sisters who disagree with me.
We keep trying to make those we regard as leaders the next "Messiah" of our people because the majority of us are always looking to be led and conditioned to be followers who fanatically support these leaders often out of nostalgia while allowing them to play the hypocrite by not practicing what they preach to our shame. Our lack of discernment makes our deception easy, and is the cause for every Black empowerment movement we've ever had to be infiltrated and destroyed. We don't hold each other accountable nor require integrity so we excuse just about anything for those we admire. If we don't get some real backbone and stop just marching and rioting but take some meaningful actions and unify to continue enforcing what we mean by our actions then we'll keep being dominated and deceived, and our children will keep being abused by the authorities while white citizens assist them in abusing us.   ~ I.J. West 

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