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Monday, June 29, 2015

Black Accomplishment???

Dear Black Community, it is time out for using mainstream or social media as a platform for public and unfruitful never ending religious or intellectual debates. You can contact each other more discreetly for sincere discussion on such things. While we're debating our different spiritual philosophies such as Kemet, Islam, Hebrew Israelites, Christianity, and others we're falling behind in our common struggle as Black People. I do not have time for any more of these redundant and exhausting spiritual or intellectual "battles" on what to believe about God, who is the "blackest", God's existence, and what is the "white man's religion". Whatever your view, it may have helped you personally but it has done nothing for us collectively. The religions our ancestors believed in Afrika didn't keep them from being enslaved, and the ones we learned after our enslavement didn't free us as we needed and are still in need of. We've already been surpassed by Hispanics as the 2nd largest ethnic group in the U.S.A, and by 2025 it is estimated by some accounts we may also be surpassed by Asians. Our abortion and disease rates are rising and we're in serious jeopardy of becoming insignificant on our way to being non-existent.

During our many "blabber brawls" we failed to see that the LGBT Community only needed 46-years from the Stonewall riots to accomplish their goals, and Black folks who have been colonized and enslaved for over 500-years have yet to accomplish practically any of their goals as a community in a significant way that empowers us for the future. The main reason the LGBT Community achieved their goals and why "White Supremacy" continues to work against us as a global strategy is because they share something in common we lack; UNITY! We are too petty, too religious, or too "conscious" to achieve our collective needs in comparison. I fear for the future of Black people but see the biggest hindrance to us having a future is Black people. Please don't miss my point and think I actually expect the entire community of Black people to come together as necessary for us to achieve our goals. Whether it is with the whole or with a "focused few" the issue is still "unity" at the core. Everyone in the LGBT community didn't support all of their goals or this most recent one surrounding marriage, nor do all white folks support white supremacy. It is the "focused few" that drive those agendas with an unwavering unified front.

We in the Black Community don't have unity because of pettiness. We also have too many among us trying to be the "messiah" over us, but are bluffing about taking up the proverbial "cross" to willingly sacrifice themselves first. They are trying to get paid off of "Black Struggle" as the new hustle, but enjoy the praise and recognition of their position. This breeds "personality groupies" who further divide into factions that can't unite. As much as we celebrate our culture we fail to see the infighting and division some of the things our culture has created such as in Hip-Hop with the continual "beefs", and among the scholars or the "conscious" who continually try to trump each others intellect or dominate the minds of the masses with their own just like our religious leaders. Y'all can "miss me with that mess"! We must band together in our local communities and began practicing "group economics" as have been taught by some of our elders. We have no more time to waste and are out of options. We've seen the results of having a "Black President" in office, and it yielded more results for the LGBT Community than it did for the Black Community. We got some great speeches and a nice feeling that he was one of ours but that is about it. 

While I can't nor will I defend the President on this I cannot blame him for picking what he perceived as a "winner" over what has proven to be a "loser" to cement his legacy. As a group we don't have anything to offer but a few shining stars that are often unnoticed and overlooked for those who sellout for their own gain to the majority and assimilate into their community while only using us a means of mining blind support for them just because they are Black. We don't require accountability of almost anyone as long as they are Black and say what we like to hear or are very charismatic. As other people in the world come up outside of our Community we appear to go down. There are stats and studies done as of late to show in comparison to others we're not as bad as we've been portrayed and prove that we've been the victims of a targeted media propaganda campaign such as in the case of Black fatherhood, but none of those truths seem to make a difference when the lies are still what we choose to believe. If we don't change how we do things communally the truth won't matter on anything at all about us. The truth right now is that we are on the verge of extinction or slavery by default if we don't come together.  ~ I.J. West

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