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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Power of God or the power of Man?

In over 40 years of living and 21 years of ministry I've seen and experienced a lot in church; both real and fake. One thing that I want to point out is the inordinate amount of "man worship" that takes place and is further increased over a little bit of "fluff n stuff". We mistake the minor interactions of men with the direct actions of God. Just because a person laid their hands on you and you shouted and danced, or fell down or cried doesn't mean they are the power over you. God was either involved or not in the process and the man or woman was just a point of contact, not the power behind the contact.

If God wasn't in it then it was just your emotions often hyped up by the charisma of the minister in combination with the music to create a specific atmosphere. Some preachers like to make it seem that they are the power so that others will see them as over you when you fall out or whatever it is you do when it really has very little to do with them. The early church of the 1st century got tangible miracles that included even the dead being raised, and the apostles didn't toot their horn like they were something special. Nowadays ministers get hyped and brag over pretty much nothing in comparison.

We make videos to validate ourselves as some awesome powerful person but don't have the same miracles, signs, and wonders as Christ and the early church. When they really want to show you how powerful they are they push you down or get help against your "resistance". I shout, I dance, I cry, I've fallen but it has absolutely nothing to do with a man or woman. I am in contact with God. I understand the operation of intercession, but it is not the intercessor who is the power blessing me. Give God the glory and thank Him for using chosen vessels but don't worship the vessel.

To the ministers (apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors, teachers): God is not subduing or subjecting people to you to prove your authority over them. You didn't sacrifice yourself to save anybody so it's not about you. DECREASE so you will see the miracles, signs, and wonders of the Bible in our churches. Because we want to take credit for what God does it often seems to me He isn't doing much. He knows He can't trust you with that kind of manifestation because you already talk about yourself to much and aren't really that humble. Your pride is in the way. You are going to have to come down if you truly want to come up. - I.J. West

JOHN 3:30; "He must increase, but I must decrease."

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