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Monday, August 29, 2016

The Idolatry & Hypocrisy of American Flag Worship

It is idolatry and near fanaticism to worship any flag or national anthem the way so many Americans have been brainwashed to do and believe in. It reminds me of how Black folks blindly follow the Democratic party, or even worst the Republican party. When did sporting events become sacred services for the flag & anthem at the kickoff, jump ball, or medal presentation? Nobody has to stand or hold their hands over their hearts if they don't want too. Folks "died" for that "right" also. I honor all my fallen brethren and those who served in my own way, but I support anyone's right not to stand for the national anthem, and don't see it as being disrespectful. One person sees the flag as a symbol of freedom while another sees it as a symbol of blistering injustice and abuse.

I'm not going anywhere because a bunch of angry white bigots want me to leave for refusing to stand for a flag or national anthem that some worship but falsely call it "honoring" those who gave their lives for our freedom. When Black folks tried to leave the FBI sabotaged the ships, put Marcus Garvey in jail behind lies, and then deported him to Jamaica. We belong here! You leave and go back to Europe because you're ancestors are invaders, not immigrants. My ancestors were brutalized and had their lives taken by those who revere that flag under the evil system of White Supremacy which created that flag, and still exists today to oppress their descendants. Black People are non-immigrants who's ancestors built this country as slaves and didn't get paid a single dime for it. Most of those raging over the flag have greatly benefited from their forced labor, and have the nerve to call themselves Americans in place of the true Americans they unlawfully displaced. 

The hypocrisy of our democracy is laughable and disgraceful to say the least. How in the world can we talk about having dignity and respect for one's nation when this country violates the dignity and respect of it's citizens of color as well as the poor on a daily basis? How can America always seek to assume the moral high ground against other nations and call them out for "civil rights" or "humanitarian" violations but never face up to their own sins here at home? How cruel and inhumane America has been to an entire group of people singled out by their ethnicity to ridicule them to rise above challenges & obstacles you've purposely created to work against them. Then you discriminately select a few among them to give periodic access to in order to use them as an excuse to condemn the rest of whom you withhold equal opportunity and oppress to satisfy the unjust gains of your prejudice, racism, and enforced practices of White Supremacy. 

America clean up your own yard before trying to mow the yards of others, and stop trying to criticize your citizens who you won't stand up for but have a brutal history that continues against them; yet you have the nerve to condemn them for not standing up for your flag or national anthem. We keep falling behind the rest of the world in education, finance, and other things we once were the leaders in and you wonder why?! YOU HAVE CURSED YOUR OWN SELF WITH YOUR PRIDE, ARROGANCE, RACISM, INDIFFERENCE, AND WICKEDNESS.

Some have done things as U.S. Service members in the name of protecting our freedom that can't even be talked about, but never could I make the connection between our rights here in this country to the bombs & bullets we unleashed on other folks in their countries. We violate other folks freedom and take away their rights in their own lands and then wonder why we have to deal with terrorists from those countries?! Service members don't truly die for the flag like we want to believe, but almost always for rich politicians and their corporate backers who's interests we're sent to defend in foreign lands. I still get called "nigger" by white fellow servicemen & citizens who love the "flag" but hate me and don't honor me at all as a human being. How can you be indignant over a flag or anthem but not even the more so over blatant racial injustices against human beings who are American citizens even when it's caught on video? You've made it our duty to defy you! 

At one point in history what we call "terrorism" was the guerrilla warfare response of an outnumbered and overwhelmed people who are desperate; to include that of the American Revolutionaries who fought for this nation's independence. It has now become the twisted tool of those who are equally fanatical as their oppressors in imposing their will on others. The hypocrisy of our democracy has a long line of bastard children it has bred that are now coming after its head in the same spirit. Hate breeds hate, and corruption breeds corruption. Your denial does not make you innocent. It's our right not to stand just as it is others right to do so because that is the "American way", and not just the way some folks say. If you want Black folks or others to honor the American flag and national anthem, then make America more honorable towards them. ~ I.J. West 

PROVERBS 14:34; "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people." 


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