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Monday, August 15, 2016

There Is No RACISM In America

ATTENTION: There is no racism in America. It's a perfect Utopian society. The Native Americans who were here first were vagrants and loitering. The land was open for the taking, but being fair businessmen the colonists paid for it; even though they paid practically nothing by creating contracts with native folks they knew couldn’t read or understood their language. This magnificent government of the United States of Amerikkka kindly gave them reservations on the land that was already theirs so they could one day build casinos which the government keeps trying to tax even against their own laws. All America wants is the rest of their dignity. That's not a lot to ask considering all they've "given", or is it "taken"? I can't recall. Anyways...

My Black African slave ancestors were "workers" who freely migrated to America looking for a better life. Their chains were given to keep them from falling off the boat on their way over and so they wouldn't get lost when they got here. Their only demands for their labor was all you can eat butter biscuits, chitterlings, and a few corrective whippings for motivation when they were feeling down. "Hungry Jack" and "Lady Pillsbury" been good to us folks, so the thought of "reparations" is just down right ungrateful and insulting. The "Underground Railroad" was unnecessary and a ploy to lure black labor to the North. The Civil War was completely unnecessary because the South won anyway; just look at the aftermath to the present day. 

All the black people who have gotten shot just happened to be in the way when the good officer's gun went off while he was trying to protect the public from criminals, not be the criminal. The disproportionate mass incarceration of Black men is to help eliminate homelessness and give them a "safer" place to live when angry Black women kick them out or take their rent money because of child support demands. Excuse me as I pause to thank "White Supremacy" for being so thoughtful, caring, and considerate of our men folk & families... (Harmonica solo with washboard & heartfelt ham-bone slapping accompaniment)... I get so emotional.

The ghetto made us one big black family crammed on top of each other in over policed and government neglected communities with poorer schools, depressed local economies, less jobs, less equal opportunity for economic independence, and less access to social programs to create greater pressure within our homes which leads to the increase of crime within the community. The benefit of more crime is more available "workers" for the prison industrial complex. Integration made us one big divided black family so the "good Negroes" could separate from the social, economic, and political disenfranchisement of niggas in the hood.
Even though every Civil Rights organization and Black Empowerment group has been systematically infiltrated, dismantled, or rendered impotent by the government with key leaders being assassinated that's no reason to think the good hateful white folks of the Klu Klux Klan, Aryan Nation, and other white supremacists groups should be considered as terrorists for killing & terrorizing Black folks for 150-years or so now. Y'all act like they're worst than the now equally ruined "Black Lives Matter" thingamajig-gum; which was actually a rally cry begun as a hash-tag with no true official organization, but is now the new catch phrase for labeling all Black People who protest against injustice as criminals. No suh!  

I just needed to straighten these few things out and set the record straight for good "boss & nem". With that being said and us all in agreement to these "facts" let's join hands in a celebratory buck-dance and sing the newly adopted Negro spiritual, "I wish I was in Dixie... look away, look away..." Oh, don't forget: "Vote for Trump", or "Hillary". It really doesn't matter because we lose anyway... "look away, look away......" Let's make America great again! (Just a bucking and a tapping... please pass me a biscuit). Isn't DENIAL great!
Dat Nigga "Coonie"

You cannot solve any complex deep rooted problem by simply ignoring it or denying it exist. These types of issues DO NOT fix themselves or go away on their own. America, wake up and get your head out of the sand or you'll be buried in the sand and leave no future for the oncoming generations because it will be destroyed by a legacy of hatred. ~ Brother I.J. West

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