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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Why Pro-Black Anti-Christians Will Never Lead The Black Community

To my "Black" Muslim, Kemetic, Hebrew, and Atheist brethren in general: Until you all learn how to leave "religion" out of the equation in conversation about Black Empowerment you'll never help Black people, and our community will never be united. Religion is deeply personal and we're too emotional. Let your religion govern your behavior. Two-thirds of the Black Community is Christian by "choice", not by brainwashing. When you publicly attack people's faith, as you often do to Christians, you alienate more than half of the community you claim to love. The "trap" you fall into is offending your own in such an unwise way. Because of you I've just about given up on ever achieving a unified Black Community. The greatest dividers of the community are Black People like you. The government doesn't need a new "CoIntelPro Program" because they have you.

You're a traitor to your own race by majoring in the minors while our people are being systematically eliminated and minimized. It's not "Pro-Black" if the people you attack the most are Black People; that's White Supremacy. You're just a white supremacist in "blackface" being a revolutionary coon wearing red, black, & green while playing for the other team. White Supremacists lay aside their differences for agreement against us in the Black Community to maintain their position of global dominance. In contrast, the dummies among us who claim to be "pro-black", "awake", "conscious", and all that other bull-crap walk around wearing Afrocentric symbols while fighting other Black folks all the time, and make no progress in unifying our community or stopping our oppression by White Supremacy.

"United we stand, divided we fall." 
MARK 3:25; “And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.”

Those among us who think they're the most pro-black or "awake" aren't making any progress in uniting us or helping us overcome our oppression. You're only adding to it by being continually divisive. The reason Christianity grew like it did during the 1st & 2nd centuries A.D. was because of intense persecution by the Romans and also by the Jews before Constantine infiltrated it with false doctrine to try perverting the truth. Now today because of angry and very unintelligent opposition within the Black Community it's growing again just as before, but this time in people's homes instead of the conventional church. Persecution and ridicule are the fertilizer of our faith that just makes it stronger. While you're attacking your own people we're building things for our people with each other without you that you know nothing about. Why involve you when all you're going to do is try your best to mess it up?

PROVERBS 18:19; "A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city: and their contentions are like the bars of a castle."

Leave folks religion alone, because you'll lose almost every time. "He that wins souls is wise", and that ancient wisdom also applies to how you win a community & build people. You can't win me if you spend your time trying to offend me, and you're fighting a losing battle. You're doing the oppressor's work for them, which makes you an "agent". Leave folks religion alone and build on what you have in common; especially seeing that not one religion Black people had before Christianity stopped them from becoming slaves. If you believe someone's religion or faith is a lie or a trap then throw out all those other spiritual systems & philosophies too, because they were powerless to stop us from being enslaved or colonized, and still are. We're oppressed because we're BLACK, not because we're religious or cursed. History proves our greatest leaders have been people of faith; which can't be dismissed or denied.

I firmly believe you actually hate us and not just our religion. I don't believe otherwise, because no matter how much love I show I get hate back just because of my faith without even bringing it up. You seem to spend more time fighting us than you do fighting White Supremacy. We're not "sleep" and don't need to be awakened, and we're not deceived. All of us are not the same, but all of you paint us with the same brush as the same. There are very few exceptions among you who are wiser than that, but I've personally never met more than a handful. None of you agree, but will get together to agree against Christianity while blasting Black Christians. That behavior is exactly the same as White Supremacists you claim to oppose, because they lay aside their differences to agree against Black People. We can't build anything with you because you spend too much time tearing your own people down. 

I hate talking to all religious or Afrocentric fanatics, because they're imbalanced and don't listen well, which is why you other opposing views will never convert me. I've met more offensive fanatical radicals in those groups than among the Christian Community. If its not about Black Empowerment I'm not talking about it anymore in Black social groups. Anybody claiming to be about Black Empowerment, Black Power, Black Love, or Black Unity for the Black Community but spends time taking shots at Black People because of their faith or choice of religion is an agent of White Supremacy who contradicts themselves, because all they do is create division and needless argument among us. You're troubling our house, and we can't build anything with you because you spend too much time tearing your own people down. I won't attack you for your beliefs nor will I solicit your help again, but I will help our people without you, working with like minded Black Christians. ~ I.J. West 

PROVERBS 11:29-30; "He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart. The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise."


  1. So true... these folks see themselves as superior and those who dont subscribe to awareness are inferior just like racists.