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Monday, August 22, 2016

Christianity is NOT The Black Community's Problem, But...

BLACK COMMUNITY:  Christianity is not nor ever has been the Black Community's problem, but "White Supremacy" and division among us is our problem; not religion. White Supremacists don't have the same kinds of divisive discussions Black People have when it comes to oppressing us, religion, or their rights and protection, but we can't seem to help ourselves and just stay more divided by offending each other on a regular basis while going nowhere over these same issues. How is it they can put aside their differences to conquer you but you can't stop insulting your own people because of our differing beliefs? That's what you need to wake up from. Every white person is not out to harm you, and every Black person is not for you.

Our issues in the Black Community center primarily around the policies of White Supremacy against us, and the practice of Black Division among us. White Supremacy offers integration as a consolation which too many Black folks can't turn down or see the harm in. Desegregation was necessary for equality but the total forsaking of the Black Economy and identity to take on that of the dominant white society was not. The result is that we have integrated out of our communities, businesses, culture, and given up our economic independence along with our social identity as a consequence. We are now more confused and disoriented than we have ever been, and the constant debate over which religion did this or that to us has not solved one single issue we have.  
Not one African religion did a thing to stop our enslavement, and the only religion actually used to enslave us was Islam by the Arabs who did so 700-years before Europe in the Trans-Saharan slave trade that lasted 1000-years. The "ancestors" were silent and absent as they've always been. The next time you ridicule Christians by asking where is Jesus Christ think about the dead & silent ancestors or aliens some of you believe in that never showed up. In fact, many African religious beliefs encountered by Europeans during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade had already made Black people docile and servile which made us easy to conquer in our own land. Some Africans offered small pockets of resistance by certain tribes, but Africans as a whole never rose up to stop slavery, and in some cases participated on a much smaller scale or did nothing. This is a part of our history we hate to admit because we prefer to embellish the idea of our ancestry as perfect before European colonization, but that's a lie and not the truth. In contrast, all slave rebellions in the U.S. were Christian led, and almost every abolitionist or freedom fighter from Nat Turner to Frederick Douglass were all Christians.

The truth of the scriptures and the teachings against slavery contained within them was the main reason why slave masters didn't want slaves learning the Bible or how to read, and also why other white Christian theologians tried to teach different ways of how to convert Negro slaves into their particular type of false Christians with such books as "The Religious Instruction of the Negroes" by Charles Colcock Jones, which actually backfired. The scriptures referring to slavery were twisted to justify it's practice in America. Slavery was addressed in the Scriptures as a practice of the ancient world to include Africa, and was also condemned by them as men progressed. When you only study something to find fault you will never discover the truth because you enter that study dishonestly with a preconceived bias and ulterior motive. This is why critics of the Bible will never understand it. Stop reading the "twisted version" from a twisted mind.
You insult our ancestors and yourself by referring to them as being duped by false doctrine taught as Christianity, yet you're here because of our slave ancestors of whom most were Christians. Our slave ancestors knew distinctly that what whites taught Blacks from the Bible was complete error and so they didn't follow that, and began to learn on their own. Often they pretended to believe what whites taught and then held their own secret church services and organized escapes & rebellions using the Scriptures as their justification. Marcus Garvey, who begun the RBG Pan-African movement, was a devout Christian. Not Islam, Kemet, Hebrew Israelism, the Ancestors, and no other philosophy or religion aided us in being free from slavery nor kept us from becoming slaves again more than Christianity did. These are "hidden colors" you need to know.

Most of those who gave their lives fighting for our freedom and Civil Rights were Christians; which is a fact that can't be denied no matter how much you hate Christianity. Leave folks religion alone because that's not what's killing us or holding us back. It's even more foolish to talk about something you don't even believe as if you are a qualified student or scholar of it when you know you're not. If you're not a true Bible student then you don't qualify to be a Bible critic. If you don't believe it then just leave it alone but don't work on behalf of White Supremacy against your own people because some of them believe it and it's working for them. Wake up Black People and unite!  
I'm not going to do all the back and forth with those who "think" they know the Bible or hate Christianity but be talking all that "Black Unity" & "Black Love" stuff while taking every opportunity to contradict themselves and insult Black Christians or others over their choice of religion as if that's helping our people unite. You're just being a hypocrite and an unwitting pawn of White Supremacy. You don't truly care about uniting Black People if you divide more than you unite. I know my history and I know my Bible so I'm not intimidated by anything anyone thinks they know, but I'm tired of arguing over religion when that's not what's killing us.  ~ I.J. West 

1st TIMOTHY 6:20-21; "... keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called; Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen."

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