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Saturday, August 27, 2016


BLACK POWER!; WHAT IS IT? The term "Black Power" was first brought to public light by author Richard Wright in his book titled "Black Power" in 1954. It would later become popularized in 1966 by the late Stokely Carmichael, aka Dr. Kwame Ture, during a nationally televised speech on June 16, 1966 in Greenwood, Mississippi surrounding the shooting of James Meredith. During the speech Dr. Kwame Ture (Carmichael) said at one point, "Don't be afraid, don't be ashamed, we want Black Power! We want Black Power! We want Black Power! We want Black Power! We want Black Power! We want Black Power! We want Black Power! We want Black Power! That's right, that's what we want and we don't have to be ashamed of it."

Prior to this the concept of "Black Power" had been heralded by those such as Marcus Garvey, and after him Malcolm X. The meaning of "Black Power" expresses a range of things to include the economic independence, political empowerment, community solidarity, self-determination, equal opportunity for Black People, and in some cases separatism as desegregation for equal opportunity without integration to prevent the assimilation of the Black Community's cultural identity or the aforementioned components. All these things working together within a united Black Community constitute the basic meaning of what "BLACK POWER" is. It has absolutely nothing to do with hating White people or others, but has everything to do with loving Black People, and making their interests the main priority for their success and equal treatment. WE don't hate others to justify loving ourselves.

"Black Unity" is the key component to the achievement of Black Power, and without it Black People will be a divided ancillary people to the current dominant society under the system of White Supremacy. The Black Community needs our own political party along with a strong network of Black owned businesses, schools, banks, and social organizations working together on behalf of Black People without the integration of outside "help" specifically from the White Community. "Black Power" running on "white batteries" is a remote controlled community still dominated by White Society and incapacitated by White Supremacy.

The thought of Black People having their own independent political party is scary to most who have pledged their undying blind loyalty to the Democratic Party or even more foolishly to the Republican Party. Both of these political "gangs" represent the best interest of "White Supremacy" and never that of "melanoid" (black) people. We have to wean ourselves off the "Democrat butter biscuits" and "Republican sopping molasses" as if we can't survive without them or need them to have a voice, and for our votes in the political process to count. That flawed logic keeps us divided and dependent on the system of our oppression rather than independent of it for our liberation from it. We must groom our own local politicians who will make our issues a priority and not sell us out for the "bullshit biscuits & sop" (false promises that sounds good of which there is no intention of fulfilling). How long are we going to keep buck-dancing for "Masta and the Misses?" You're tap shoes should be tapped out by now! WE must empower our people to stop being the victims of others.

Some may say we already have these various other entities with the exception of a solid political party, but how many of them are actually working together for the betterment of the entire Black Community without being subject to the oversight or funding of our White controlled government or a White owned corporate entity? How many competing agendas do we have among us that subvert the unity of our community? We're quick to call those among us we don't agree with a "coon" over minor things, but if you're in anyway working against the unity of the Black Community to achieve Black Power then YOU ARE A COON AND AN AGENT OF WHITE SUPREMACY! If we don't own the free flow of financing to our businesses, schools, banks, or organizations then they're not "Black owned" but White owned and just "Black managed". It's the same as with the "Black Community". If we don't actually own it then it's really just "Black Occupied" with us as the tenants to other people, renting our own lives at their price.

We must break completely free of being "permitted" to "manage" our lives under the purview of the dominant society. This is a nice way of saying you're still very close to being a slave, but have special privileges made to give the false appearance of equality and freedom, yet without equal access or justice. Until we can legislate the politics of our community from a governmental position we can't truly own our community, but we're just managing it for those who truly own it. Without strategically positioning ourselves to control the economics within our community we can't dictate the politics of our community nor determine the education of our people on a mass scale because we don't have the financial power to buy the politics needed to enforce the law or provide concessions favorable to us. Neither will we be able to effectively organize and sustain the social structure needed within our families to help hold these things in place for our future generations. 

Our only option is to unite once and for all, or we will be divided, minimized, and then permanently made a servile sub-class who is only good for financing the economies of other communities; we're close to that now. The challenge to organizing this kind party is getting Black folks to shut up long enough to stop the infighting, arguing about religion or going back to Africa, and to stop nostalgically getting lost in Blaxploitation fantasy debates of how we're the original this & that. Again I point out, White Supremacists don't argue about this kind of stuff when it comes to unifying their people and oppressing ours. Just dumb ass pro-black folks seem to do that and have the nerves to say, "Black Power!" I be like, "Ni*** shut the f*** up!" Until you stop fighting me we can't fight anyone else together or hope to win anything. I can't succeed without you and you can't succeed without me.

If we try to succeed without each other we'll just make ourselves easier to pick off, and our people will become nothing more than a footnote in history of a great people who once were. Rehearsing our majestic history is wonderful to help restore and maintain our national pride as a community, but knowing your history without using it to plan for your future is just dreaming away our lives in the long ago past while being systematically eliminated in our present reality. Let's finally get together so we can get it together. Start wherever you are and connect with those around you to build one another up rather than tear one another down. I love you and will die for you if need be, but I don't want to die for nothing. BLACK POWER!  ~ Brother Isaiah J. West

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