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Thursday, April 16, 2015

We're Not "Free".....

The thing "slaves" fear most is "freedom". You wouldn't think so as much as we talk of being free or have "the perception" of freedom in this country we call the "United" States; yet remain so internally and racially divided. Black people in the Americas are "Socially Institutionalized" the same as inmates in prison. 396-years (since the first slaves were brought ashore in 1619) of ungodly, systematically wicked oppression on foreign soil under the controlled and closely monitored rule of the world's greatest colonizers will do that to you. We never left the plantation. They just took down the fence and made it look like we did, but the "massa's" whip left scars on the Black mind that must still be healed and removed for us to improve.

The boundaries are still there and you can only go so far before you find out you're still considered a slave and treated like a second class citizen that can be easily killed as worthless no matter your pedigree or level of achievement and perceived social standing. Your skin is still your sin in the site of other men. The ticket to your freedom won't be given by the helping hand of your oppressor but must be taken by means of educating and empowering yourself to be free. What you don't know will hurt you and it has for almost 400-years of the Black man's residence in the Western Hemisphere. You can't help anybody if you don't know anything, nor will you ever be truly free. Go and learn.

To those who think I misspelled the word "site" and should have used the word "sight" let me inform you that is a play on words. The theme is freedom and freedom requires ownership of property that gives you the ability to exercise that freedom. "Sight" is visual or mental perception by which one makes judgments. "Site" is a position or location. We know how we're perceived based on how we're treated, and your freedom is defined by where you are allowed to go and what you can do according to the laws of the land. "Slaves" don't get to dictate that for themselves; only those in power get to do that and you don't have any. We must take power over ourselves first.

European colonizers brutally savaged those who were natives of this land before their arrival to take away their "site" (land) because that is how one establishes and reckons freedom; by possession. When I lived in California I was told that "possession was 9/10ths of the law", which means if you have it then you have the right to set and dictate the law by reason of recognized ownership. The viciousness enacted against us during our time here has been done to enforce that ownership by others and the privileges of it. Black people came here as slaves and were not considered people but property; not even allowed ownership of themselves but as the possessions of others.

Now we have been freed from slavery but still lack ownership of ourselves through ignorance and mis-education that lends itself to mental domination. If their "sight" of you is as a threat in and on their "site" then you will be removed or systemically oppressed and suppressed in that "site" to prevent you from having an equal share of the freedom you are lied to about having. You aren't free when you can be murdered wholesale by those who control the "site" where you live and also dictate the politics, socio-economics, and can freely violate your inalienable rights while being themselves protected by the laws they put in place to enforce upon you for their protection from you and domination over you. Nobody who lives this way is ever truly free no matter what ethnicity you are of.  ~ I.J. West   

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