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Monday, April 13, 2015


Here's a "snapshot" of the solution process from my perspective as it pertains to racial injustice, civil rights, socio-economic & educational disenfranchisement, and human rights across the board:

1) We must unify before attempting to mobilize on finding a solution and not allow that unity to be broken over petty internal squabbling or we'll just become a mindless mob of egotistical ranters trying to make a name for themselves; as has been the case with past movements and groups. We must pose an unbreakable united front. Most civil rights or community organizations implode from the inside long before succumbing to outside pressure.

2) We must be consistent in our message and unwavering in delivering it. The Revolution may not be televised but the message most definitely cannot be compromised.

3) Any and all offered solutions must be practical and start at the grassroots level with those who are the "have-nots" because they are the ones suffering the greatest. You can not lay a foundation on top of those at the bottom but you must build it with those at the bottom because they are the true strength of your cause.

4) The "haves" among us must contribute their time, effort, energy, and resources to educating others on the issues and getting them involved to find communal solutions. They must be willing to risk their "standing" for the sake of what is right and use their positions to confront those in high places and on their level for those of us who cannot get access.

5) We must mobilize and aggressively engage the political process at every level to make those in leadership be accountable to the people they are suppose to be serving or have them removed and replaced with leaders who are looking out for our best interest across the board. This is the only way we can guarantee the equal administration of resources and equal opportunity for all in every community outside of raising the support ourselves from within our own communities.

There's a lot more I can say with much more detail but this is it in a nutshell. ~ I.J. West


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