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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Case of "CLASSISM"

"Classism" is an overlooked but consistently growing issue, and one I believe will eventually overtake even racism. What is "classism"? It is the discrimination against and biased treatment of people based on distinctions in social and economic differences which are most often enforced as policy by those who have the greatest control of resources and the most access to power socially, economically, and politically. It is the primary underlying cause behind many of the social and economic policies being put into place by our governments in the present day. It has an "elitist" global agenda that surpasses and encompasses all other governing policies and laws by the leading countries of the world. Under the enforcement of classism the poor, disenfranchised, and uneducated regardless of ethnicity become the new "niggas, spics, wops, white trash, chinks" and any other racial epitaph as part of the same "social class".

Racism is huge only because we're too small minded. We could easily stop it by being fair and equal to ALL people, but our greed and inferiority (not superiority) complexes won't allow for that type of liberation. The reigns of racism are subtly being replaced by classism presently. Racism or any such practice rooted in a supremacist philosophy or ideology is only a gateway to "classism" that will ultimately divide all people into the "haves" & "have nots". Right now color or ethnicity are the easiest means to divide people for control of them in order to sort out the "haves" & "have nots" among them as to who will become a part of the upper (NWO - "New World Order") or lower class as classism will eventually thin out and erode the middle class altogether. What we refuse to stop now will become something much worst later. What a shock it will be for others to be treated as badly as those they ignore and write off who cry out against racism.

In regards to classism, all of mankind are "slaves" spiritually and mentally to their own carnality and SIN as the greatest cause of all times for our social divide. It's impossible to talk to people about their sin when they only and constantly deny the sin they are so clearly in. As a result of our continual corruption and denial of it every form of government or economic policy we've created is a failure from democracy & capitalism to socialism & communism. Our "true enemy" is not a racist but hates us all equally, and seeks to constantly divide us to make us easier to pick off. "United we stand but divided we fall", and we are all free falling fast. This is the point and plot most folks miss regardless of skin tone. All humanity comes from the same place and occupies the same space but all suffer from the same waste of love, reason, compassion, and understanding. If there is no more room for me then there is none for you either. When I'm talking about racial and social issues this is always in the back of my mind. 

When I advocate educating ourselves on the history and underlying causes to our many social ills it is also with this in mind. Short sighted, emotional, willfully ignorant, and argumentative prideful people never do the research but will challenge and argue against me and accuse me of either being a racist against white people or misleading black people by talking about the relevance of racism, slavery, and history as it relates to the present day, and yet others call me an Uncle Tom or sellout when I challenge black people and address our internal issues while others accuse me of "bullshitting" because they can't handle the dialogue or know how to respond. Some days I just don't want to talk to anybody or be bothered and wish I didn't care, but I can't help that I do. I'm called and commissioned for this until the day I depart. The "rabbit hole" of racism is very deep and most never follow it as to how deep but if they ever do they will find it ends in "classism", and finally in unrepentant sin against our Creator and our fellow human being.  ~ I.J. West  


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