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Thursday, December 4, 2014

An Open Letter to "Some" of the Black Community

To you of the black community who often come off as self-righteous pundits against the black community to make yourselves seem politically correct or appear as the "safe & non-threatening renaissance black man/woman" by constantly bringing up "black on black crime" to deflect issues of racism, police brutality, and injustice in our justice system against black people why don't you get off your "safe & non-threatening renaissance black behind" and go down to these same communities you condemn and actually help or send some resources. Most who talk like you feel they have "escaped", left that life behind, or risen above it all. Well then help someone else rise too even if that means rising right where they're at. I'm sure there are many that could really use your help. Why are you so eager to point out all of our problems and air out our so called "dirty laundry" while standing on your soapbox, but you won't use or offer any of the soap in your box to help clean the laundry?

Having a black President may show some progress but the way in which that same President is constantly reminded he is black by blatant racist political satire, constant disrespect in the media and from fellow politicians along with escalation of racial tensions in this country shows that the current long time power structure has not changed. He may have gotten into office because nobody else really wanted the job or was better qualified, and there needed to be a "fall guy" to take the blame for all the social & economic situations created from policies put in place before he got there? Who better to blame for all the country's problems let alone you blaming blacks for all their problems while you yourself are black!?  

So, you have a great testimony of how you overcame and beat all the odds to become successful and now feel you can tell others don't blame folks or use the "race card". Okay, but have you been listening? You're not the only one who overcame and most of us don't blame anyone or play cards at all; we're trying to make it too. The "race card" is an overdone lie fed to you that you have gobbled up and use against other black folks more than white folks do. Now that you've made it to the top of the mountain reach back down and help instead of look down your nose at those who are still climbing up and forgetting those who helped push you up.

We aren't all dead, killing each other, or leaving fatherless children. In spite of the obstacles we face and the silent frustrations many of us harbor and fight through we are amazing contributors and over-comers in every situation we've encountered throughout history. There are many black people doing something and contributing for years now either on the front lines or from wherever we can, but then along comes you "dancing a jigg" against the rest of us in "black face" over your black face to show how liberated and unlike us you are. The "shots" you take on social media and other venues are just as destructive to our collective efforts to move forward as is a natural bullet. That sounds just like "black on black" crime to me, but you justify it by saying things like "we need to acknowledge this stuff about us!" 

We do acknowledge black on black crime, because we live with it daily trying to resolve it. You don't think the black parents who bury their children don't want it resolved? You don't think our fatherless households with a disproportionate number of incarcerated men don't want it resolved? You think we all (except you) just like living like this and only hope for big shiny car rims, blinging jewelry, 40-ounces of malt liquor, and some bomb weed with the homeys? Racism and all of its ills will never go away until white people get involved and vested in helping solve the issue with black people and others. Oh, I forgot you only blame black folks.

I don't know any other community besides the black community that is so eager to openly condemn their own in mass while completely ignoring the history and conditions of our people in this country with all of its relevant psychological & sociological ramifications clearly played out before us. Should I just call you "Sambo" or "Samboquisha"? Thank the Lord Most High we no longer need "the Underground Railroad" to get freedom and bus boycotts for equality, or you would probably sell us out on that too and then talk about us as you drive by in your car to show how far you've come and are going without us. Do some research as to why things are the way they are instead of trying to be clever and call them out "as you see them". You may be blind which is why you don't see the truth or anything else beyond your own ill informed opinion.  ~ I.J. West   

#BlackOnBlack #BlackPride #BlackIgnorance

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