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Thursday, December 11, 2014

ICONOCLAST: "Bill Cosby, Jello Puddin-Tang, & Being Black"

"ICONOCLAST" - One who destroys traditions, superstitions, religious images, icons, or cherished beliefs that are based on error. 

I venture to disagree with some on the issue of "Bill Cosby" being lynched as a target of white supremacy or racism, because I don't believe that is the case concerning the current drugging and rape accusations against him. Cosby isn't being lynched; he's being told on in a very public and uncomfortable way which may or may not be the truth. This is not the flagship story of the day but one of several minor stories that just happens to involve a black man of great prominence. Everything is not the conspiracy we think it is. Powerful men get away with a whole lot more than the "average Joe" because they have a whole lot more means and influence, but the "chickens always come home to roost" in the end.

If I were to do a psychological profile of Bill Cosby concerning this situation I would conclude that him being black in this particular case actually is a factor and racism does play a part, but not like some would think. On a personal level I really don't know if he's guilty, but if I was a prosecuting attorney this is how I would approach building my case from a psychological perspective. As ugly as it is I would force the American public to eat it all and not allow it to leave the table until it finished concerning this story:

Since the founding of the USA with slavery, white men have enacted their sexual fantasies with impunity upon black women, and also upon black men. Today, 150 or so years after slavery has been abolished white men are still having their way with black women even on the Hollywood big screen in front of everyone. The continued humiliation of black society is played out under the guise of cinematic artistry which many excuse as just a good storyline or excellent screenwriting. 

You don't have to look any further than "Monster's Ball" for which Halle Berry won an Oscar by having to act out a raunchy X-rated full nude scene with a trashy looking "Billy Bob Thornton". On TV, "Keri Washington" of "Scandal" is regularly tossed about as a sexual play toy by white men, and there are other examples unmentioned. These are "leading black women" put into these positions before all of America for what we enjoy as entertainment on an addictive level; oblivious or uncaring of the messages being pumped to our minds. White Hollywood takes black folk's "best" and gives them their "less". How many "leading white actresses" are required to do this or have done it in comparison? They sure wouldn't win an Oscar for it. 

For centuries the white man has made the "white woman" his prized possession and the black man's biggest taboo while they satisfy their every pleasure on black women with no regard or conviction of wrong doing. Psycho-Sociologically that becomes a subconscious impression in the minds of American society which degrades black women into nothing more than sex objects, hoes, hookers, sluts, reluctant breastfeeding nannies even to white babies, and elevates the white woman to an untouchable trophy that a black man would have to risk his life to obtain and that black women desire to have hair like. This was why interracial marriage was once a crime in this country, because the thought of the mythical black penis penetrating a pure white vagina was more than white folks could take; albeit they felt no such way in reverse and thought it was a "special treat" or privilege for them to sexually abuse and misuse black women. 

Most black folks with "good hair" claiming Native American ancestry are unable to admit that it wasn't "Squanto or Tonto" in their bloodline but "Masta Jim Dandy" that is responsible for their narrow nose and wavy locks. Someone may feel quite sanctimonious in pseudo indignation against my points because of the ugly truth that ethnicity in America is a BIG deal to us and we have not overcome nor are even close. It will matter until it doesn't, and that won't happen until we are able to no longer allow it to serve as secret motivations for anything we do. You're not cured America, and neither are you somehow more enlightened; you're just fooling yourself by saying you are really fast and loud to block out the truth you won't face. Because you won't face it you can't defeat it. 

So, along comes "Bill Cosby", comedic genius, who is "clean" and like-able enough for white America to love him almost like one of their own. He is raised in an era of egregious racial inequality and injustice for which he participates in the Civil Rights Movement against, and he supports the black community by using his influence as a celebrity. He financed and helped kick off the "Blaxploitation Movie Era" by helping Melvin Van Peebles produce "Sweet Sweetback's Bad Ass Song". He helped Spike Lee produce "Malcolm X" when white Hollywood wouldn't. Everybody loved Bill Cosby and thought he was as great as "Jell-O Pudding", but old Bill was hiding a secret perversion within him that no one seemed to know about; or at least is willing to admit thus far. 

He had a desire for the sacred taboo of white women, and beyond that he was just a sexual freak who would not exclude other women if given the opportunity. He was never the hero we believed him to be but nobody knew it but him, and maybe his wife Camille. He had it all, but "all" was not enough to satisfy his secret deviance which was insatiable for that "Jello Puddin-Tang". The charges against him and the amount of accusers is almost unbelievable and in some cases questions the credibility of the accusations, but it doesn't easily dismiss them. It just makes them hard to accept or consider, but it doesn't mean they aren't true. 

After you build up such good faith in a community and a nation to be billed as "America's Dad" with such accomplishments as "The Cosby Show", and even write a best selling book titled "Fatherhood" who would ever believe that you were drugging and raping other folk's daughters; with the majority of them being the highly prized mythical white woman?! Bill was a victim of a psycho-sociological mind screw on a level that most folks would call preposterous because it is too shameful to admit it is true about our society. However, he isn't truly a victim. He may actually be the predator who enacted his private perversions out the same way white men have on black women for hundreds of years now. 

Maybe on some level in the dark recesses of his psyche he felt as powerful as them with his prestige and power of position as an American entertainment icon even when he was still one in the making during the times of some of these reported incidents. It is notable and undeniable that most of his accusers are white women. How does a black man in America drug and have his way with that many white women, or any women at all, and it go unreported for so long? I really have a hard time trying to come up with an answer and it is exasperating to think about it, but "Houston, we have a problem. It seems as though a bunch of women have been invaded by a chocolate pudding pop unawares! Send in the troops or at least Gloria Allred!" 

Without question it is a fiasco that has reportedly come out by the jabs of a comedian which led to these women coming out about it. The timing is what it is regardless of all the country's current racial problems. There's always an issue, and yes often times the media does contrive stories as a distraction from more meaningful societal issues, but this is not the case with Bill Cosby. He's a media made icon so he's being unmade by the media as a top story. The other stories surrounding race and social injustice will only take a back seat if we allow them too. Domestic violence and rape against women are also very relevant current flagship stories of which this story involves. 

This isn't the media's fault this time; this is Bill Cosby's fault, or else it is some supremely highly developed plot to systematically destroy him which seems highly unlikely and improbable. Bill Cosby is no saint and doesn't get a pass because he is black, nor is that a legitimate excuse for his exoneration. He'll be judged by God Almighty ultimately as we all will, but until then he'll be judged in the court of often unmerciful and unfair public opinion and maybe even in civil litigation. The bottom line for me is being black cannot be our outcry every time someone black is accused of a crime or heinous activity during a racially tense climate. Sometimes it is just incidental and the person is truly guilty... or not? We'll see what the evidence says beyond our surmising and idolatrous celebrity worship.  ~ I.J. West

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