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Sunday, December 7, 2014

I'm Having A Hard Time Hearing You "Brotha/Sista"

Let me say this clearly: WHITE POLICE OFFICERS UNJUSTLY KILLING BLACK FOLKS HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH BLACK FOLKS ADDRESSING BLACK ON BLACK CRIME, SALVATION, OR OUR COMMUNITY ISSUES. You can make all the speeches or posts you want about "our" issues and preaching the gospel but that is not going to stop the police from putting a bullet in you or beating you to death. If you say the gospel is the solution and we need to preach it and live it then make sure you take that same message down to the local police station and preach it there too as well as on the steps of each city hall and state capital. We know "sin" is the main issue for all humanity, but injustice is a symptom of the sin we're in. If you're going to preach the gospel against sin then you can't ignore addressing injustice and truly call it the gospel.

Don't stand in your self-righteousness spewing narrow minded messages that sound good but you can't implement. It's easy to take shots at folks who aren't actually shooting at you but are pleading for help to stop being shot whether it be from within or without the community. In your rush to judgment to spout your rhetoric you overlook and ignore those legitimately addressing the issues because you are more focused on waxing eloquent to be heard but not listen. You can't help anybody you won't hear and you are just as much a contributor to why things haven't changed but are blinded by your own hypocrisy. You have spent so much time talking at me and about me rather than to me which is why most folks can't hear you except for those ignorant enough to agree with you because they are as deaf and blind as you. 

I'm brokenhearted at the amount of what I see as constant open "black on black criticism" which hasn't help solve one problem among us yet. The irony is that I'm openly addressing it with my own critique. We talk about no longer needing to discipline children with switches and old fashioned beatings but will instead verbally lash and abuse one another under the guise of addressing "our" issues openly. There is a time and a place for all things such as addressing our issues openly, but in the climate we're currently in and in light of recent events I'm appalled at the ignorance of what I once thought were intelligent black folks with the credentials and a following to be a more positive help to others among us. They instead use their platform to highlight all the black community's problems we're well aware of while ignoring the efforts put forth to overcome them and giving a pass to the injustices done to them as if they deserve it or brought it all on themselves. 

Nowadays you can count on a moment of racial injustice or controversy not only galvanizing protests and even riots but can guarantee it will also be an opportunity to watch a community show how divided it is with all of its own inner critics coming out in mass to help put it down and reprimand it even when there is evidence it is the victim. It's a shame that I can get beaten or shot and when I cry out for help another black person criticizes me for being beaten or shot, blames me and tells me all of what they see wrong with me as if that is going to heal my bruises, close up the bullet wounds, and prevent it from happening again. You may as well have shot me or choked me out yourself. Slave masters beat our ancestors and today we still beat each other in different ways while being beaten and killed by the authorities too.

It's utterly sad when black people legitimately get angry about open injustice that there are other black people who have to show how unapproving they are at these same black people in spite of them having a valid complaint. Yah the Lord God commissioned all his prophets to address injustice, and to defend the right and disenfranchised. Christ preached, taught, healed, confronted injustice, defended and fed folks. He gave them the gospel and addressed their needs because he was as great a listener as he was a speaker. It's sensitivity and listening that lends itself to discernment to address practical needs so the gospel can be received. Don't preach to me if you won't defend me, help me, heal me, hear me, or can't address my issues with real solutions. If you can't do that or are unwilling then you are exactly what the scriptures call a "sounding brass, or a twinkling cymbal"; talking loud and saying nothing. 

1st CORINTHIANS 13:1"Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal."


  1. No comment needed. You said it all!

  2. On the one...showed my age...lol