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Monday, September 26, 2016

Excuse Me, but Black Folks Aren't Going Anywhere!

To all the bigots, passive racists, blatant racists, white supremacists, false patriots, and coons who keep telling Black folks in the United States of America to leave the country or go back to Africa because we protest against injustices you ignore, and because we refuse to honor the American national anthem written by a white supremacist slave owner, or because we refuse to salute the American flag that represents something America doesn't practice: WE AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE!

You should be the ones to leave since most of you are descendants of Europeans who stole this land from the original inhabitants. You're not "immigrants" but "invaders". You celebrate your ancestral heritage and proclaim where in Europe you came from, so you know exactly where to go back to. Stop falsely claiming you're part Native American to try justifying you staying. Your people took mine from their homeland by force to enslave them for free labor to develop the wealth you have along with "white privilege". Some of our ancestors actually predate the current Native Americans as the original Americans, so we beat them here too and have just as much a claim as they do. Unless you pay Black People in this country the more than a few trillion dollars we're owed, that your ancestors stole, then we're staying right here in this country which our people built. 
Another alternative is to become our slaves for at least 200-years, endure at least another 100-years of blatant racial discrimination to further set you back on purpose, and then live in continued marginalization as a permanently intended underclass with the illusion of equality while we allow other foreign immigrant groups access to all the benefits your ancestors worked and died for as if they helped earn it or deserve it more than you. We will sell the world the "American Dream" you helped build in your blood while systematically making it a nightmare for you through cruel racism under the policy of "Black Supremacy" rather than "White Supremacy" currently in place. We'll exploit and appropriate your culture while stealing the credit for your achievements. We'll ignore your legitimate grievances as if "your lives don't matter", because they don't to us. 
We'll lynch, burn, rape, shoot, and kill your people just for being white, and get off through the justice system we stacked against you to work for us. We'll deny you fair housing & education in order to corral you into ghettos & slums so we can more easily police you with brutality to protect our "Black privilege". We'll use the mass media to disproportionately highlight your crimes to demonize your race to the general public; even among your own selves. We'll unfairly mass incarcerate your men and target your family structure to further discombobulate you so you remain a confused people turning on each other, while blistering you with incessant poverty. We will give a few of you access as "tokens" to squash any talk of unfairness so we can also condemn the rest of you as lazy complainers that always play the "race card", and just want to be on welfare.   
One last thing, we will also need to go back to your ancestral homes to mine, strip, and use that land for our own purposes until we've gathered more wealth for ourselves by further depleting what doesn't belong to us even where we don't live. If that sounds like a reasonable bargain to you, then after what's been done to us has been done to you we will put you on ships or airplanes by using some of the wealth we've made off of your unjust free labor to gladly send you back to where your ancestors came from; but the money stays with us. If that's the deal you want then let's write it up and make it happen without any further delay. We're all for it; what about you? If you don't like it then "you can just leave".... and make sure you take these "coons" with you.  ~ I.J. West

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