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Friday, July 8, 2016

One last thing, WHITE PEOPLE...

Before I take a short break to collect myself from the stress of the recent tragic events in our nation I need to say this: "WHITE PEOPLE", I spend more time addressing Black People because of my common familial bond with them, but I don't trust the "White Community" in general to do anything to stop racism or stand beside the Black Community in fighting against injustice. There are some exceptional individuals who do stand for what is right regardless of skin color, and I love them irrespective of color because they respect & love me the same way so I'm not talking about them. However, they are a very small few who's voices get drowned out by the majority of you who choose to say and do nothing, or who choose to speak out against the victims of injustice & brutality. You blame us for the evil done to us but then cry and get outraged over the deaths of gorillas & lions while expecting us to cry for your children?! In response to your hypocrisy most Black folks feel like, "Hell naw to the naw naw naw!"

There was once a generation among you who were abolitionist against slavery, others protested and even died with us for our right to equality, but that generation is now old or many have passed away while staunch unwavering bigots among you who looked upon them as traitors seemed to have remained to pass hell's fiery torch of hatred on to this present generation. In my experience, most of you who say you are "good people" or say "some of your best friends are Black" say that as if it makes up for your indifference and insensitivity to our nearly 400-years of victimization in the Western Hemisphere by your ancestors and now by you. When you say things like that I immediately tune you out as do most of us because we know you don't mean it, and it's just bull-crap. You don't even speak up for those of you that are considered "white trash" but you throw them out too just like real trash.

Actions speak louder than words and the White Community isn't even whispering or raising a finger as far as we're concerned. Even the "good ole White Christians" who claim they love Jesus (but can't stand to see him accurately represented as a man of color) and that say we're all "brothers & sisters in Christ or the human family" are silent for the most part. They just go on telling us to pray and trust the good Lord as they watch us get beaten, railroaded in court while sitting on many of the juries who help do it, and witness our murder without offering almost no consolation or sympathy but finding more reason to justify our slaughter by blaming the victims and finding fault with our entire community. You make snobby video responses and do racially biased media presentations in rebuttal of the facts against you to mock those of us who suffer from you because your guilty conscience won't let you rest. You even fight against that internally rather than humble yourselves to truth to do right. 
The only way racism will ever truly come to an end in the United States and "the West" is when White People decide to STOP IT! YOU STARTED IT AND ARE THE ONLY ONES WITH THE MEANS AND RESOURCES TO ENFORCE IT AND TRULY BE "RACISTS". Deny it all you want but it's still true. Who should ever trust you?! There is no reason to until you give us one that you've proven over time. You've raised hell everywhere on the Earth and exploited every culture of people to this very day even now as we speak. Black people have never been in that kind of position of power over others nor afflicted them like you have. Only you have that history of all peoples on the Earth, but you blatantly deny it. If you're not willing to take accountability or responsibility for your part in history then there will be more murders of police officers by angry people of color even of different ethnic communities who have also felt the relentless sting of white supremacy enforced on them by you. 

People are tired of the abuse and have run out of patience waiting for equal justice. Sadly, innocent people are getting caught in the crossfire. Me telling you the truth doesn't mean I'm a racist or that I hate white people, because I'm not and I don't. It means I hate injustice and indifference to it by those who have the power to stop it but won't. You denying your part and rejecting the truth only further proves the "almighty whitey" syndrome that characterizes your community. Everyday for Black People, just getting up and leaving the house to go to work is like playing a game of chance with our lives because of our skin color or the socio-economic conditions within our community. Let me set this straight now in regards to what one of you said on a recent news broadcast in response to Jesse Williams's speech from the BET Awards. I heard a young angry white woman in the media say that it was white people dying for "us" and who gave more lives for us during the Civil War. The ignorance among the White Community about true history and Black People is staggering, so let's kill that Civil War lie right now. 

Southern Democrats and other white people who fought in the Civil War of the 1860s didn't die for Black People or to end slavery. In fact Abraham Lincoln tried several times to find ways to keep slavery in order to "preserve the union". Even the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass called "Honest Abe" a racist. Slavery was a secondary issue to preserving the Union for which the Southern "Dixiecrats" willingly seceded from to preserve the slavery of Black People as their way of life. We don't owe you shit! You owe it to the spirit of justice and to us to make things right by the very ideals of the Constitution your (not our) forefathers wrote and lived in contradiction of while they kept Black slaves to work their fields and make them wealthy so they could pass on to you the unjustified "white privilege" you benefit from now. Stop twisting history to your favor and stop denying it to make yourselves look blameless, but admit to it so you can help change all of our present for a better future. 
Having a Black President has only proved how much you will blame a Black Person when given the chance for all the wrongs in this country that you are behind. Your policy is, "When it goes well take the credit and if it goes bad blame them niggers!"  If you're not going to help us then please stop trying to hurt us. The seeds of your racism and bigotry will grow up into a crop of uncontrollable wild weeds that will eventually consume you too. That's not a threat but a prophetic warning that is on the verge of becoming a reality if you don't take righteous actions to stop racism and end white supremacy. The world we live in is like a big boat that we are all floating on, but any unsealed hole in the hull will sink us all together. So are you pissed off? You mad? If so, then good. Plug the hole. Peace. ~ I.J. West

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