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Thursday, July 7, 2016

How Does The Black Community Unite? (The Short Answer)

Whenever I've made statements about the necessity of unity in the Black Community for our advancement and to effectively combat the injustices against us the number one question that gets asked in response is, "HOW do we make this happen?" Often it seems as if I can hear the frustration, anger, and sadness behind the question being asked because I've felt the same way. In spite of all our many great achievements a "unified Black Community" is the one thing we have yet to accomplish, and it is the main thing those who oppose us fear most. Based on my experience it seems impossible, but nonetheless we have to make it happen because our survival depends on it. Until we get together we'll never be able to get it together. Without unity we can't save our community. We cannot face and overcome the regular crushing brutality and injustice against us as a divided people. So, "How do we unite?" Here's my answer to the question (take it or leave it):

It's not "racist", ungodly, or wrong to want to unite your particular community of people, and it doesn't require outside assistance or "interference" masked as "wanting to help". History has proven that kind of "help" more times than not means to spy, pry, and undermine any attempt at our unity in order to keep our people oppressed and socio-economically enslaved to maintain the status quo. This is something we must do on our own among us. We must lay aside our egos and personal agendas; which will be the most difficult part of our coming together. We have too many already jockeying for position out front who declare themselves as "The Prince of..." this & that, "The Queen of..." so & so, "The #1...", or "The Most..." of whatever, and this is among those who are considered "Black Leaders". This type of self promotion is the mindset of a narcissist who puts self first always, and uses the people's cause as an excuse to create a platform for themselves to stand on alone above the rest of us rather than beside us.  

That type of person says many of the right things but doesn't do those things consistently like they tell others to do. They use their natural charisma and our emotional connection with them to build their personal following of people who will blindly defend them no matter what they do even when it's clear they're wrong. We already have that same damaging model among us now in the tyranny of "White Supremacy" and don't need any more supremacists mentalities in leadership who think themselves superior over another's perceived inferiority, or that their destiny was to rule over us. That kind of leadership just becomes a "Black dictatorship" that leads you to a singular man/woman centered focus without ever accomplishing your community centered goals. 
TO THE "LEADERS": If you are a leader who feels convicted or offended by what I've said so far then please try humbling yourself and checking your behavior instead of being insecure about receiving correction. It's not said with any hatred in my heart at all but out of love regardless of what you may think. Put your ego in storage to come join the rest of us as one solid family unit and be a blessing to us with your brilliance from which we can all benefit. The "Community" is bigger than any one person, and no individual regardless of how charismatic, brilliant, or well spoken they are is ever more important than the PEOPLE. You are part of the people and not "the chosen one" above and apart from your people. Great leadership looks to produce other great leaders and not to make slaves out of those they lead. SERVE your people as a leader instead of looking to be served by the people like you're a king or queen. Treat everyone like royalty and you'll forever have their loyalty. 

Those designated as leaders who appoint & anoint themselves as our "Black Messiahs" just because they're in the public eye are not the ones to truly unify us, and are not worthy to be in leadership among us. If you objectively & analytically look at what they're doing or saying then you'll see they're often more divisive & self centered than they are unifying & selfless. Once they leave the "grassroots" agenda community building in exchange for seeking out mainstream attention they sellout and pluck themselves up from their roots to be replanted in someone else's garden different from us. We must pay close attention or we'll fall into the same trap we've been susceptible to by having our heart strings pulled to manipulate our emotions only to keep us going in circles locked in a cycle of "cry, pray, march, and protest" but no progress. We can no longer simply rehearse the rhetoric of Black Power cliches or repeat the obvious negatives while not promoting and practicing the positives for real results beyond them. 

TO THE "RELIGIOUS" OR PEOPLE OF "FAITH": If you believe in God then don't use your religion or praying as an excuse to ignore our abuse. Saying that you're waiting for God to come is an insult to him especially when after you've gotten up off your knees praying you don't stand to your feet and take action. That is being indifferent, lazy-minded, and fearful. Why would God Almighty bother coming down from heaven to save a people he already empowered with the solutions to help themselves? "Faith" is belief in action, not "hoping and a wishing". When we get going then he'll go with us and even ahead of us to help make our path more clear. We know what needs to be done by now. Even the prophet Moses was told by The Almighty to stop crying to him, go forward, and use the rod he had already been given. You have no excuse that you can use that will be good enough to get you into Heaven if you don't help others who are suffering be delivered from the hell we're facing on this Earth.

EXODUS 14:15-16; "And the LORD said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward. 16) But lift thou up thy rod, and stretch out thine hand over the sea, and divide it: and the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea." 
It's going to take the "ordinary" among us to accomplish the "extraordinary" for us. It starts with people like you dearly beloved. The answer to the question of "HOW" is within you dear one. We are the solution to our own question, but until you realize the greatness within you and how much greater we become collectively as a unit it won't happen. Without question we have to stop the violence among us and treat each other better. We don't have to agree on everything like religion, politics, or philosophy but we must put our differences aside to absolutely agree on the fact that without one another we will become so insignificant it will almost be as if we're extinct, or even worst, that our future generations have reverted back to a slavery type of existence to be considered worthless the same way our ancestors were treated. The chains we don't break today will be the shackles our children wear tomorrow. 
I already feel worthless in the eyes of most of "America", and I'm not about to die letting my beautiful Black brother or sister around be made to feel worthless by me. We must demand accountability and uncompromising responsibility from those who would help lead us in that they practice what they preach and never ask for what they aren't willing to give. In our personal character each one of us must become the leaders we desire to see so we never again hold anyone up so high above ourselves that their moral failures stops our momentum or damages our credibility. Everyone has a gift and every gift has its place in our race towards equality. We must love each other unselfishly and sacrifice for our cause selflessly because its right! We have to unite to fight for what's right or this present darkness will extinguish our light. Peace.  ~ Brother Isaiah J. West

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