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Friday, July 24, 2015


Black People, we think too small and are too divided to have a "REVOLUTION". The easiest way to get a Black man or woman away from building their community is to give them something in another community they think is better. Once the singular Black mind believes it's personal progress is true success aside from the community as a whole then you've eliminated another valuable piece off the board and out of the game through integration.

Please understand that "INTEGRATION" is not the same as "SEGREGATION". Black folks fought so hard for "DESEGREGATION" to be given the right of equal access that we failed to see the danger in trying to integrate so much into white society that we forfeited our economic and social identity which in effect made us another kind of slave under a new system that we marched, demonstrated, protested, and voted for. It's now been turned around and used against us. How can you have "BLACK POWER" if you've given all your power to Whites, Asians, Arabs, and Hispanics? 

Working hard for someone else to spend that same money with those same people for whom you work doesn't build independent wealth or give you a solid platform to bargain from, but this is what we practice daily. We've given in so much so to our own divisions and bad behavior patterns that we think it is okay and acceptable because we believe somehow "we shall overcome"... NOT THIS WAY! No other groups of people such as Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, Native Americans, or others seem to think this way as much as Blacks. They tend to band together for the survival of the larger whole, and set aside the differences we won't. Each group has their divisions but in the face of a greater challenge or threat to the singular group they will unify to pose a common front together before going back to their factions among each other.

Why do you think "White Supremacy" is so successful as a practice? Because they're not wasting time as we do arguing over things like "Hotep, Kemet, Atheism, Jesus & the letter 'J', is it Yeshua or Yahshua or Yahuwah or Yahovah in the Bible, Christianity was taught to slaves, Islam with all its Muhammads, the dead Ancestors, being a real nigga, who's the best at being Black, who's the most Pan-Afrikan", and on and on and on. How can the Black Community seriously think to win a physical revolution when we won't unite to have an economic or social revolution beginning among us?! The only folks scared of a true "Black Revolution" is Black people. 

White folks are not scared of Black People like some foolishly think, and ever since January 1, 1863 when the slaves were officially declared free white people have been stockpiling weapons and forming militias in fear of a possible revolt or uprising by Black People. At this point they have consolidated 99% of all the wealth and power available in this country to finance their causes and built a well kept bubble of defense for themselves. They're unified; we're not. Go online to almost any Black Social Group and you'll see incessant conversations about who is deceived by "the white man's religion", and what Black people should believe. None of that stopped our ancestors from becoming slaves, didn't save Trayvon Martin from being killed, didn't save Eric Garner, didn't save Mike Brown, didn't save Tamir Rice, didn't protect Sandra Bland, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Medgar Evers, Emmit Till, the families of Oklahoma's "Black Wall Street", and so forth. 

All this talking reminds me of how brothers go into prison and get enlightened by reading and studying due to being in a captive situation, and then become "cell block scholars". These types seem to love hearing themselves talk more than seeing things get done unlike some of our great past heroes such as Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey before him. We are entertained by our own bull-crap in a captive situation of a prison called America, and can no longer smell the stink of our condition yet we keep talking about it but not cleaning it up as we should. 

The truest and most powerful white supremacists wear suits, get voted into office in every election to continue systemic racism through legislation, and sit on corporate boards of multi-billion dollar companies that control global economies and make war. They control lower level racist who run local municipalities like the mayors & city councils and those who work in the justice system like judges & police departments to enforce the laws they pass which affect Black people most by helping to keep them disarmed and unable to participate in government elections due to felony convictions both just and unjust. They also stir up continual propaganda to keep others in fear or suspicion of black people to maintain the racial divide and incite paranoia among other bigots who are given access to firearms & military grade weaponry to form the several thousand white militias spread throughout this country with hidden arsenals. 

This kind of paranoia induced in the predominantly White population can be seen in brazen acts like the murder of nine innocent Black church goers by a low level white supremacist named "Dylann Roof" in Charleston, South Carolina. On the flip side it generates the favoritism shown to such brutal white murderers as seen in the peaceful arrest of the same person. In stark contrast it allows the unnecessary hostility of a white officer against a black woman named "Sandra Bland" for a routine traffic stop who later mysteriously dies in police custody. It further adds to the growing list of confrontations against unarmed Black People that led to their deaths by law enforcement authorities. 

If white racists can get away with killing or beating you on camera then how much more will they get away with and do if a race riot or race war begun that many of them have been preparing for and are hoping for as was Dylann Roof? These hateful wicked people are brutal savages who have no true love in their hearts at all especially for Black people. Are all white people this way? NO, of course not. Most aren't this way, but the minority among them who have power over their masses benefit from the privileges of that power with no desire to relinquish or share those privileges if it means they may lose out to others. During the "Jim Crow" era of this country white politicians turned their heads to the evils of sharecropping and the unjust frivolous convictions of Black men & women who were re-enslaved under a new set of laws known as "peonage". Why? Because they benefited economically from the free labor of the unjust imprisonment of these Black people much the same way modern day incarceration does now through the privatization of the prison system and the 13th amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."  While slavery was formally abolished in the United States on January 1, 1863 by the "Emancipation Proclamation" the 13th Amendment brought back slavery under the prison system by Congress on January 31, 1865 federally, and was ratified by all states on December 6, 1865. Under this new system "slavery" would continue to be reinvented even to our present day under the guise as such things as "the war on drugs" by which the U.S. government would introduce the drugs and also large quantities of guns into Black Communities, and then disproportionately incarcerate those who sold or used them to make them the "new slaves" of the present day. 

The government continues to use the monies collected from these illegal enterprises to fund foreign wars and make under the table deals with other countries and evil persons. They manufactured a problem to create a cause to enslave Black folks all over again. Under the peonage system slavery didn't actually end until 1942. By that time whites had consolidated and secured their power over this country. Within the next 23 years afterwards Black folks would reach the heights of the Civil Rights struggle by achieving desegregation outwardly but hardly change the power structure internally. Being coaxed into integration further divided us and diminished our economic power; which is even more evident today. Has anyone ever notice that it is us who most often seeking to make our lives among whites rather than create our own communities like whites do? They don't come back to our neighborhoods until we've been moved out by gentrification.

So you want "Black Power" and a "Black Revolution"? Seriously? Who is going to take you seriously and why should they? We spend more time battling against each other than we do against others for their mistreatment of us. We've established that "Black on Black" crime and the issue of "Black Fatherhood" are largely blown out of proportion by the white propaganda machine to appear worst than what they are in comparison to other ethnic groups who's statistics most often go unreported on these types of issues. There's more white folks on welfare, committing crimes, and with a higher amount of teenage pregnancies than black folks. Okay, so what?! We're about 13% of the population and now the 3rd largest ethnic group behind Hispanics & Whites so our numbers in any such area being what they are (look them up) is too high. 

Routinely our young men are seen wearing no shirts or with their pants sagging to show their underwear like idiots advertising their ignorance. Why does everyone need to see your underwear or the crack of your butt? That style comes from prison to indicate a man is ready for anal sex with another male inmate? At this point most know but still haven't stopped doing it once they knew. Men now wear two earrings in each ear like a woman. What started this trend? Does anybody see the emasculation & feminization of Black men running parallel with the targeted promotion of white men to Black women as a better alternative on TV and in the media? Do you see the overtly sexual, classless, and disrespectful presentations of Black women? Yet we still wear these styles and support these shows with no care for accountability or the irresponsibility of them. 

How are you ready for a revolution or Black Power when you won't even start a personal revolution to exercise power first over yourself to begin changing the community?! Not doing so makes you a fraud hiding behind "Pan-Afrikan, Kemet, Islamic, Hebrew Israelite, Christian Liberation Theology, Black Consciousness" philosophy playing games while talking loud and saying nothing. White folks see you as no threat but as their ally while Black folks cry because of you and everybody else shakes their heads at you. I'm sure we can come up with hundreds of excuses for our inexcusable behavior to try refuting what I've said so we can blindly continue down the same road of self-destruction we're on because we're too apathetic and indifferent to the truth to change our course. 

The truth is you're still a slave who's afraid of freedom. Removing a few Confederate Flags didn't change things. It was a symbol of the oppressive powers that be who still rule over you which they saw as no threat to have removed. It's business as usual, and they are counting on us to fall back into the same patterns as before. We're very reliable in that regard, and they designed the system with that in mind. They'll let us march or a riot every now and then, but a "revolution"?! They aren't even worried about that because history tells them you don't have it in you. What Revolution?!? You can't have a revolution until you understand the war already being waged against you and we stop the one amongst ourselves. If we're ever going to have a revolution then NOW is the time.  ~ I.J. West 

GALATIANS 4:16 (ESV)"Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?"

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