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Saturday, July 11, 2015

None The Wiser Or The Blacker

If all of Black people's problems were solved right now I believe certain among us wouldn't know how to handle it because it would expose many as only being interested in "Black Pain" and not "Black Peace" or solutions. If they don't have a conflict or "leader" then they become without purpose and irrelevant. All the inflammatory memes, videos, and posts they put online would be meaningless. They will still try to be relevant by talking about conspiracies and religious arguments with no end in sight to try convincing folks to believe their minutia in order to control and dominate them in a new type of "Black on Black" spiritual & mental slavery. I believe these same folks would still be talking about what is the "white man's religion" or who God's chosen people are. None of this stuff has solved any of our issues but it has been highly successful providing distraction from them and keeping us divided. We find more reasons to fight each other than fight for one another which makes us incapable of long term unity. Everybody isn't going to get on board with any plan, and so to help the whole I'm going to stick with my "Focused Few" agenda which I liken to "Gideon's 300" to benefit the whole.
In the Bible, out of what started as 32,000 men Gideon ended up with less than 1% which was only 300 men to fight for Israel against their oppressors. I would rather work with 1% instead of waste time fighting the 99% who irrationally fight against those who truly love them and are trying their best to look out for them. I'm not afraid of anyone or white people at all and don't care about offending people even if they are family members when I speak on Black issues, nor am I purposely trying to offend anyone. I don't care what folks think when my people are suffering so, but it is not white people giving me or others the most trouble. It is my own Black People. We got a bunch of angry loud Negroes fussing about the "symptoms" of our problems or causing them, and undermining our collective agenda by fighting against those trying to solve the roots of problems they don't understand. That's true "agent" behavior by sabotaging your own out of insecurity, jealousy, pettiness, selfishness, stubbornness, and just being a hater. Who does that benefit? It doesn't benefit us, and their ignorance is used against them.

They increase division without discernment or a real plan for rebuilding the Black Community, and only try to deconstruct what we're trying to build while parroting what someone else said who they like, but not understanding or being sincere on how to implement it. They divide like groupies & gang bangers who cling to charismatic personalities that use our struggle for their own fame & gain as their true agenda. We finally got our first Black President who used us to get into office and then abandoned us to put others ahead of us, but many don't care as long as he speaks & sings good or does other gimmicks to make us smile like these phony Black leaders. We further divide over religion which makes uniting a fairy tale. Our people fought Malcolm & Martin, and pulled the triggers on Malcolm while another one of us stabbed Martin who in the end lost most of his Black supporters before he was assassinated by white people. Like Israel killed the prophets and didn't honor them until after their deaths but listened to the false prophets more during their life so it is in the Black Community in many of the same ways with its messengers. 

I was angry with Black folks for a long time because I blamed them for killing my father. I saw how he literally worked himself to death for an ungrateful obstinate people who were content on being nothing more than proud "niggas" who won't hesitate to call themselves along with every Black person a "nigga" and you a "coon, agent, negropean" or some other name, and who destroy everything anybody tries to build for them while falsely accusing those who work for them as the enemy or a sellout. We are paranoid and superstitious into schizophrenia but think we're sane as a product of the "divide & conquer" strategy of white supremacy. History vouches that White European & Asian groups have been vicious against Black people without question. Every where in the world where people were taken captive they had rights even as slaves and were not to be enslaved for life. Their nations would fight for their freedom if able. The only place this never happened was in Africa during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. No Africans ever came to rescue us or make a real effort to get us back. 

True history also tells an ugly truth I consider the most heartbreaking about Black slavery most don't know or want to admit in that before Europeans stole people from Africa by force the Arabs and other Africans sold Black people in smaller numbers. Once Europeans saw how Africans didn't care about their own people it became their justification for enslaving us because they knew no African country would ever come demanding us back or declare war to free us from enslavement. With the exception of Haiti, every slave revolt was put down because a Black person snitched to their oppressive White masters for a reward and their approval. This character flaw is why I believe Black people were the primary group enslaved among all peoples of the world, and the infamous white slaver of Jamaica known as "Willie Lynch" saw this and taught it to other slave owners. Even today we are the most divided and most likely to betray one another, put each other down, fight among ourselves, destroy our own communities, or prefer other groups over our own as seen in most inner city Black neighborhoods.

The first mistake was made by ignorant Black Africans who didn't value their own people enough to protect them or recognize their true value. The white man saw this in us and took advantage of this weakness to misuse and abuse countless millions of us for his gain for nearly 600 years in total while the Arab has done so for nearly 1300 years. With all the folks we had on the African continent along with the wealth of resources we could have driven away any foreign invaders, but instead we wanted to show our power, prestige, and wealth to folks who wanted to take it all from us by ignorantly turning on our own. The similarities in mentalities are not much different from then until now. Many glorify Africa as our "Motherland" but we are not only her stolen children but also her aborted children practicing self genocide while dwelling in division over the same things we're fighting for in America. We have very serious psychological & sociological issues we need to admit and face so we can truly move forward.  

We talk of "Black Power" but have never in history been able to harness that power to unite and accomplish anything that isn't being undone. How can you call yourself my brother or sister when the main target of your vitriol, slander, violence, and false accusations is me and not those of another group who brutalize and discriminate against us on a regular basis? You're selling me and yourself out by doing so. We're all we got so why come for me or someone else like me? So you watched a few videos or documentaries and read some books and think you're "conscious" or a Black Revolutionary now? If you're still talking about "the streets" then you are still thinking like a slave looking for the glamor & glitz of a big personality who makes headlines to lead you rather than teach you to develop your own leadership skills to lead your family or local community at the grassroots level where the real work is done.

You can't be stuck talking nonsense about the "streets" wanting to be "street soldiers" like you're in a gang, or lost in the nostalgia of the 1960s & 70s in a new millennium. How can you boast of being a gangster or thug while trying to be a Black Revolutionary? It will never work. Thugs & gangsters are slaves who destroy everything they touch as "agents" of the establishment themselves, and can never help build a community. There are also many radical "pro-blacks" who don't really study the issues for solutions but only to stir emotions by talking about the problems with meaningless redundant rhetoric and taking no action unless it is sterile symbolic actions that accomplish nothing beyond promoting more division and themselves. Those trying hardest to be revolutionary are the most unaware and gullible who run on emotion without rationale which makes them the biggest traitors to the Black cause without realizing it. At some point we have to change our thinking and lay aside our pride to stop exchanging one set of "slave" chains for another that keeps us in perpetual ignorance. Shalom.  ~ I.J. West 

JUDGES 7:7; "And the Lord said unto Gideon, By the three hundred men that lapped will I save you, and deliver the Midianites into thine hand: and let all the other people go every man unto his place."

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