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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Brief Interview With the "Hitman"

A Brief Interview With the "Hitman"

QUESTION"What brought about this change you seemed to have undergone in your ministry and life?" 
ANSWER: "About 14-years ago I realized I needed a change because I was no longer growing after already being in the ministry and church 9-years." 

QUESTION"What did you do?"
ANSWER: "I left where I was because I felt I had gone as far as I could go there at that time in my life."

QUESTION"What happened after that?" 
ANSWER: "I joined other congregations and learned some new things but I continued to experience intense frustration not understanding I was deeply disgusted with the system of church insanity (churchianity) I was so deeply entrenched in and the things I had accepted. I can remember asking God loudly one day, Is this all there is?! I was ready and willing to walk away from the ministry and was only concerned about being saved."

QUESTION"What did you do about it?" 
ANSWER: "I took periodic sabbaticals and got away from the ministry at times which didn't always sit well with leadership. I was looked upon as a maverick and had very few friends. In 2006-2007 I went through a season where I was forced out by a personal situation where leadership turned on me to save face and got involved against me. A few years later I went through another personal situation that came with an intense season of separation & isolation that was of the Lord to wean me off some things and learn truth anew, and renew my relationship with Him all over again. Eventually, I literally lost everything and have had to start all over. It was extremely painful and periodically I still feel the pain, but what I lost I count it necessary in order for me to have gained what I have now in Christ Yeshua my Lord." 

QUESTION"How long has it been, what was it like, and what are you doing now?" 
ANSWER: "The journey since the forced split has been about 7-years more, and for a little more than a year now I have been out of the conventional church system completely and having what I call Church in the Wilderness where I meet weekly with other believers in a home assembly for fellowship and bible study, and I teach the word on my weekly internet radio broadcast. I don't recommend my path for everyone but I do recommend everyone seek more in Christ and learn there is a difference between serving God versus serving church or man. I hold no animosity or grudges against anyone for the things done against me in my past and have forgiven everyone, and hope I've been forgiven too by anyone I've hurt or offended. 

I firmly believe in and am committed to fellowship, study, prayer, worship & praise, and service to others as necessary based on scripture. I had to experience first hand depression, despair, suicidal thoughts & intentions, abandonment, betrayal, slander, and also face my own failures to empathize with others and see the LORD more clearly as well as myself in his plan. You cannot help others heal from what you cannot feel or know is real. I've learned compassion much better and gained a lot of wisdom by what I've suffered, but I still have no compassion on false doctrine or erroneous traditions of religion that keep people in bondage. I don't apologize for telling the truth and never will. Compromising the truth is not an option." 

QUESTION"Do you hate or dislike church?" 
ANSWER: "No, absolutely not. What I hate is the phony system that men have created and falsely labeled church. I still visit some places periodically for fellowship, but I don't get invited to speak anymore because most traditionalist feel I'm too contrary or dangerous, Lol. I don"t believe what we call church in large part is what Jesus Christ established or intended, and I've been striving to get back to that pattern and stay on course. I too believed and taught in times past before my change many of the same errors I now teach against and hear being popularly taught today such as tithing, submission to a man for your blessing, armor bearers, mantles of men, decree & declare, the false prosperity doctrine, misunderstood teachings on what is called 5-fold ministry, and other things of that sort. I believe much more good was done and a lot of sound doctrine was taught as well as accuracy in prophecy spoken with manifestations of spiritual gifts for the benefit of others. 

Nevertheless, a little error will eventually ruin everything if you're not stopped like Yeshua Messiah stopped the apostle Paul on the Damascus road. I thank YAH that he also stopped and redirected me by taking the blinders off my eyes like he did with Paul. Many have this same testimony also. Like Paul I was sincere in my love for the LORD but I was sincerely wrong in many of my beliefs regardless of how genuine I felt; like many still are. I made the same mistake I steer others away from now by teaching them to study to know for yourself beyond traditions and the teachings of those who you trusted in that taught you. A true teacher is never afraid of having their teachings thoroughly checked out and recommends it. The Kingdom of God is just that; God Almighty's kingdom which means he's the King of kings over everything and no other man is king over you, but we are ALL servants to one another without regard to titles. That's real Kingdom not cliche." 

QUESTION"So where do you feel you are in your journey now?" 
ANSWER: "I'm a life long student sharing what I learn in my teaching. I'm in a constant state of growth, always maturing, making daily corrections, no longer looking back but using the lessons of my past as stepping stones to a better future by the experiences and wisdom gained through them. I'm no longer living restricted or conflicted about what I believe or the direction I'm headed in Christ. I serve God in spirit and in truth according to the Holy Scriptures, and not a structure or system set up by men falsely called church according to their ideas and traditions. I'm free. 

Its been rough at times but Christ didn't die to make it easy, but to make it possible. I know with my level of learning I could easily sell out and become a typical pimp preacher living well off the gullibility and desperation of people by manipulation, but then I wouldn't be God's man but Satan's. It's not worth it, and salvation is a bargain at any cost. Christ paid the price and made the way with his blood, and I'm doing my best to walk his way in love and respect to the price he paid with his life by giving him my life."

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