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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Few Church Money Scams To Beware Of

Various Names of Church Money Scams 
1. Day of Giving Service
2. Seed "Sowing" Service
3. Seed "Planting" Service
4. Birthday Gift to Jesus Service
5. Payday unto The Lord Service (where you give an entire paycheck to the church, not the Lord)
6. Sacrificial Giving Service
7. Miracle Seed Service
8. Double Portion "Anything" (you will probably end up paying triple though)
9. Victory Seed Service
10. Pastor's Appreciation Service (not all of them, but about 98.5% of them)
11. Anything with "THOU ARE/ART LOOSED" in it
12. Anything with "Harvest" in it (If it never goes outside the ministry it is being "hoarded" not harvested)
13. Any service where a man says "Money cometh to me"
14. Almost all Building Funds (if you never see a building something ain't right)
15. Elevation ("Playas Ball") Consecration Service (almost every man centered service that has to do with an "elevation" or promotion and involves other VIP title bearers)
16. Pastor's Birthday Celebration (Where is the precedence for that in the Bible?)
17. Get That Negro who calls himself the "Hitman" Seed Service (This will probably start after reading this)

*Always take note of the "timing" of these events; it's no coincidence
People don't like you messing with their "sacred cows" and turning them into steak & hamburgers of truth when they are content to starve on a diet of vain tradition and false doctrine. You can serve them "jive turkey" all day long, but if you "barbecue their bull" they will call you wrong.  ~ I.J. West aka "Hitman"
PROVERBS 23:23"Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding."



  1. Awesome teaching brother. And I've notice that if you tell a christian this, they will tell you that you are a lier.

  2. I wonder why none of them take up collections for the saints as it is described in Corinthians and Romans. Aren't these collections just as important since they are mentioned in scripture.

  3. Where are the collections for the saints, since these are actually mentioned in scripture? I believe it it is better to give as we see there is need to actual people because it seems evident that the church has neglected its duty.

  4. Kristen, you ask some very legitimate questions which I also ask all the time. I pray that more members ask their leadership the same things and hold them accountable to answer.