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Friday, August 23, 2013

"Desmond Tutu: An Emissary of Satan Desires Hell" from End-Time Prophecy Watch

PLEASE CLICK THE LINK; http://endtimeshofar.blogspot.com/2013/08/desmond-tutu-emissary-of-satan-desires.html

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  1. the Bible say's that by there fruit ye shall know them,this include ACTIONS,UTTERANCES, DISPOSITIONS and even there SPIRITUAL OUTPUT. Do not be deceived God can not be mocked......Gal 6:7 No Godly minded person will desire earthly positions or wealth. And finally,what relationship has God with Mammon [satan], nothing on earth will join an Heaven conscious mind to the earthly principalities and power. So any man who can openly stand for what the Living God Jehovah,ruled against and even once destroy a Nation of people for and, even reserved a disastrous ending for those who do and those who support[RM1:22-32]......LET START EVALUATING FROM HERE ON EARTH,WE THAT ARE REALLY HEAVEN READY.