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Thursday, June 29, 2017

If We Fight Can We Win?

The U.S.A doesn't have to fight a war it can't win if we stop it before it starts. Many Black People feel like white people and the U.S. government are already at war against them, but Black People have yet to fully fight back, and I pray that we don't have to. However, if we're forced into such actions to defend ourselves as well as to obtain equality and justice then I'll be doing more than just praying. Some who claim to be Christians as I do or of some other religious persuasion may fear that I'm calling for violence, but I'm calling for God given common sense. In the biblical book of Esther when the Jews were in a similar situation as Black People in America are today they weren't instructed to march or sing but were told to fight back after they had already prayed. Black People have a right to live freely in peace as human beings, and to also fight for those rights.

When leaving home and returning safely is a matter of life & death not only because of local thugs but also because of the police it creates a situation where people view the police with increased distrust for fear of their own lives, and feel a greater need to protect themselves from law enforcement rather than be protected by them. How is it that the police are allowed to get off for murder by using, "I feared for my life", as an excuse when they kill far more people than they are killed by? It is us who fears them. If "the law" doesn't obey the law then there is no law but only lawlessness which becomes anarchy. 
I'm very close to no longer believing there are "good cops" anymore, because when so called "good cops" are silent or cover for the bad ones then how can any of them be "good"? The murder of the innocents with no justice being served in a court of law has severe consequences which are unavoidable for any society. America is unwisely provoking nearly 400-years of festering anger from blatant and subversive racial injustice on every level. Private citizens who participate in juries that do not righteously enact justice are equally as guilty as the police officers who kill someone unjustly. 

These public executions of unarmed or non-threatening Black people in comparison to how officers handle hostile White perpetrators is beyond disgraceful, and is also pure evil in the form of public humiliation against Black People intended to permanently psychologically damage them. It is the same as the slavery practice of "buck breaking" where white slave masters would tie up black males to publicly rape & sodomize them in front of other slaves to humiliate & intimidate them. They also had buck breaking parties where other local whites and slave owners would participate in the group rape of black slaves.

Even beyond that, they would make family members among Black slaves have public sex with each other to breed more slaves; such as a mother with her son, siblings with each other, or a father with his daughter. These unprovoked perverted hostilities against Black People were only a few among other insidious acts by Whites that also included literally using Black infants as "gator bait" to catch alligators, as well as having picnics to celebrate lynchings and publicly burning Black People alive for practically nothing. Such deviance and relentless violence upon a people because of racism has had damaging long term psychological effects on Black families during slavery and afterwards. The response to such wicked practices of White Supremacy has always been violent rebellion because slaves were left with no other recourse for defense and to reclaim their stolen humanity.

We are again approaching that point in the United States of America because Black People are being left with few to no other options by a white majority who refuses to change, but continues to keep shifting blame back on those whom they have historically oppressed and keep ignoring. Where we're headed none of us really want to go or need to, but if we don't put the breaks on this train its going to runaway and we'll be unable to stop it. All sin & wickedness has a shelf life of mercy, and America's is almost up because it won't right it's wrongs to it's Black citizens who rightly deserve full equality, justice, and reparations.

There are an estimated 500 white nationalist militias in this country, but even with all the resources and numbers in their favor the cause of righteousness & justice is not, and because of this it sets the assumed majority up for a great fall either from within or from without. This country's long history of violent race riots by whites against Black People will not be met with protest marches & songs again. Rather than pick a fight it's time to do what's right to end this madness before we all lose our minds and can't recover. If we fight can we win? Civil wars have no true winners but all sides become losers.  ~ I.J. West

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