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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

For Black Folks Only; Are You The Coon?

This is for "BLACK FOLKS ONLY":  Some of our people in the Black Community who may on occasion be guilty of "cooning" aren't always your typical "coons" & sellouts. We can't be so quick to write them off and never allow them a way back into good standing without examining ourselves first. At times we're the ones guilty of selling them out, and driving them away into seeking acceptance from other communities because we won't accept them in ours as they are for being themselves.

1) Stop telling Black folks they "talk white" because they use proper grammar, and you can't pronounce nouns, verbs, adverbs, past participles, pronouns, and prepositional phrases together without sounding like you only know 19 letters of the alphabet, and speak in a language that even "Pootie-Tang" wouldn't understand (see the movie and you'll know what I mean). How stupid for the stupid to tell someone intelligent how to talk when you can barely talk yourself. 

2) Stop talking about how dark Black folks are when you get angry at them, or calling our more fair skinned brothers & sisters out of their names in envy because you're actually the one who has a complex about skin color. We come in so many different shades of brown, and they're all beautiful. We're notoriously cruel to our own people in more creative ways than any White Supremacist I've ever met, when it comes to name calling.

3) Stop calling Black folks "nappy head" and other derogatory remarks out of your ignorance just because you may have "good hair". I'm sure if some of you took out your ultra perm or S-Curl, and looked into your family tree you will find some relatives who were happy & nappy long before you came. 

4) Stop talking negatively about how big or full Black people's lips & noses are with the intention of mocking them for their distinct features. Our features are uniquely suited for us and give us a beauty from the Almighty that no other culture shares, and I love to see us being "beautiful black us" without shame. 

5) Stop fat shaming Black folks, or skinny shaming them for their weight. Does everyone have to hear about how big or how small they are every time they see you? You make people secretly hate you for being a jerk, and I sometimes hope that one day you get it all back so you'll finally learn to shut your big mouth before someone slaps you in it. Being black in America is difficult enough as it is, so quit with the insults that can be just as hurtful to a person's spirit as a bullet to their body.

6) Stop having barbecues to celebrate "niggas" coming home from prison & jail but dissing those of us "Black People" who graduate from college or come home from military service. "Niggas" have the nerve to ask "Black People" if they can borrow money or do them favors they never intend to pay back. Nobody owes you for trying to make something of themselves. We're glad to see you come home, but we want you to be glad to see us too and not try to use us.  

7) I don't want to really touch on religion, because I have more times than I care to. However, regardless of what your religious persuasion or life philosophy is, if your beliefs have you to act like a fool and cause division among your own people in the name of being "Pro-Black", then you need to get rid of it anyway no matter where it came from.

There are other things I could say, but I'll stick to these few points for now. Doing this to your own people and thinking its okay makes you the ultimate coon, because you epitomize the meaning of the word by constantly talking out of your ignorance in a derogatory manner about your own melanoid people instead of accepting them in love for who they are. We are all "one", or we are all soon to be done and none. Umoja! ~ I.J. West

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