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Friday, May 6, 2016

Cinco De MayNO!

Folks in the U.S. are some of the most stupid, offensive, and clueless as it relates to the global community. How many countries do you know that celebrate other countries Independence days on such a large scale? Does Mexico celebrate "The 4th of July"? NO! Yet, in the United States we're celebrating "Cinco de Mayo" more & more every year and its becoming a huge marketing vehicle for American businesses to capitalize on. Just listen to these politicians talking about building a massive wall to keep Mexicans out. They don't want them in but will allow their culture in because they can make money off of it by exploiting them. I have nothing against Mexico or Mexicans but this is the United States of America not Mexico and the government of this country is not their friend but has always been their enemy. Just check the history and see for yourself.

And for the record, "Cinco de Mayo" is actually the Mexican commemoration celebration of Mexico's victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. It's most often mistaken for and treated as Mexico's Independence day in the U.S., but Mexico's national Independence day is actually on September 16th. So we're celebrating another country's victory in a battle against a country considered the U.S.A.'s oldest ally who helped this country win it's own Independence from the British. How stupid is that?! It's not stupid from a money making perspective that characterizes the greed and ignorance of our nation.

This country stole nearly half of Mexico anyway just like everything else, so I guess Mexico is slowly taking it back by the constant influx of immigrants and the opportune promotion of their culture; which in a sense is a kind of "targeted cultural appropriation". They put out some "culture cheese" and let the "culture rats" eat it up while they cash in. Asians have done the same thing with their culture, but Black folks are still the only ones who don't make a profit from their own culture being stolen from. We the descendants of the slaves stolen from Africa have not benefited from the free labor of our ancestors who were forced to build this country that everyone else profits from.

Wake up Black folks, because this is nothing more than a marketing tactic to capitalize on the growing Mexican population in the U.S., and to further minimize the relevance of the Black voice that still exist. Mexicans don't represent all of Hispanics either but only one group of several. Black People are now the "2nd largest minority" in the U.S. and Hispanics are the largest. However, that is a purposely calculated misleading misnomer because half to 2/3rds of those claiming to be Hispanic are of African ancestry and predominantly Black. Your ancestors being dropped off by Spanish or Portuguese slave ships, learning their languages, and intermingling with Native Americans & Europeans didn't make your heritage any less African than those dropped off by the British.

Just ask a Haitian, whose African ancestors were dropped of by the French, and check the differences between how they're treated when seeking refuge in the U.S. versus how a Cuban or Dominican is treated. We don't celebrate Haiti's Independence day do we? You don't even hear it mentioned. Why? Because dark skinned African slaves broke the noose of European domination & enslavement on their own. Their victory was so resounding that even Thomas Jefferson wanted Congress to aid the French in taking Haiti back. Its the old "light skin vs. dark skin" or "good hair vs. bad hair" tomfoolery under the umbrella of the "divide & conquer" philosophy being played out on a sophisticated international level using cultural & ethnic differences among us brought about by the same European colonizers as the dividing line between people of melanin.

If you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo then fine, go ahead and enjoy yourself. But, don't let those tacos, burritos, and churros make you so euphoric that you become blind to the truth behind why other cultures are being promoted and distinctly Afrocentric/Black culture is being assimilated or minimized to the point of being nearly erased. If we're not careful they will succeed in retelling historical lies such as saying the slaves were "workers". They will have the following generations believing they applied for the job after going to " Slavery U" and came over on the "Mayflower" to have turkey with the Pilgrims & Native Americans rather than have to eat the chitterlings (hog intestines) the slave masters left for them as scraps.  ~ I.J. West  

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