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Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Meme Ministry

I hate dumb generalizations which stir up strife between genders, and always paint men in a negative light as slaves to their penis, or women as constant gullible victims desperately starving for male affection. I particularly hate when men agree with this foolishness. For singles who agree with this mess I venture to say it's part of the reason you don't have or can keep a good man/woman because subconsciously you expect a bad one so you keep choosing them, or you have an unreasonable expectation of what your ideal mate should be when you aren't that yourself. Stop agreeing with everything coming from the "Meme Ministry"! You're going too far, and been overboard for quite some time now. Some of you are addicted to "memes" and seem to be unable to even hold a decent conversation or use your own words to communicate. You hide behind the memes because you don't really know what to say yourself.

I like good "memes" (picture messages) and use them too because they can be effective in illustrating a point. They have their place, but nobody should be taking their every cue from them for guidance in your intimate personal relationships. Don't let the messages in the memes frustrate you about things you desire but don't have, or make you believe something that isn't true. All the stuff you see posted online isn't the truth. Most of it is opinion based on someone else's bad experiences as truth to them. In every online singles or relation group it seems there is always a group of folks looking to bombard the group and overwhelm it with a bunch of negative, feminist, misogynistic, overtly sexual, or completely stupid gender based posts to convey a bitter message that helps no one, or to promote a myth to those in desperate need of the truth but are looking for an escape from reality. Some of you are going to be in an "on again off again" affair with your "hands" if you keep believing everything you see posted on the internet about relationships by folks who are looking for attention. 

It makes no difference what the meme says if the one in agreement with it never looks past it to see themselves and fix them so they'll be prepared for someone who doesn't fit the negative messages they agree with. If not careful we'll become the "memes" ourselves and never have a clue on how someone else was reading you. You are still the most common denominator in all your relationships. You can be a living true life story with a fairy tale ending whether you are single or not. If you believe foolishness or nonsense like this stuff being posted on these many memes then prepare for a life of it because what you believe is more than likely what you will create in your life. As I said, I like a good meme because they have many uses and some are really funny or do communicate a useful truth; but not always. Make your life a message worth being heard and not a meaningless "meme" to be passed around and poured out as bitter waters of strife for others to drink up.  ~ I.J. West  

PROVERBS (ESV) 17:14; "The beginning of strife is like letting out water, so quit before the quarrel breaks out."

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