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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cuckoo For The Wrong Cocoa Puffs

Certain elements among us in the Black Community have a tendency to "blacken" things up a bit too much. I understand the outrage over "Cecil the Lion" being killed in contrast to the insensitive responses of people over the racially biased mistreatment of Black People. I was upset about that too the same as with the general public's racial bias against someone like Michael Vick for dog abuse in contrast to someone like Ben Roethlisberger who was shielded from being convicted of rape; not to mention the many others guilty of habitual domestic abuse that don't make the newsreels and avoid being demonized nationally like Ray Rice was.

ECCLESIASTES (ESV) 5:8; "If you see in a province the oppression of the poor and the violation of justice and righteousness, do not be amazed at the matter, for the high official is watched by a higher, and there are yet higher ones over them."  #INJUSTICE #JUSTICE

Regardless, wrong is wrong and right is right no matter who is doing it and the best way to avoid the unfavorable spotlight is to stop doing wrong; especially if you know it will be magnified. Without question there are inequities in our society of which many are based on race, but that doesn't mean just because "Sonny the Cuckoo Bird" is cuckoo for "Cocoa Puffs" versus "Tony the Tiger" feeling great about "Frosted Flakes" there is a conspiracy against Black People through chocolate cereal. We have a tendency to go overboard on some things and not go far enough for justice on others such as with the #BlackLivesMatter campaign or the NAACP. I agree with "Black Lives Matter" in principle and understand why it came about, but I'm also still waiting to see more in practice as well as will it be infiltrated by outside sources who mean to undermine it. Will the leaders within it sellout and betray the community? I'm waiting to see.

JEREMIAH (NET) 20:7-8"LORD, you coerced me into being a prophet, and I allowed you to do it. You overcame my resistance and prevailed over me. Now I have become a constant laughingstock. Everyone ridicules me. 8) For whenever I prophesy, I must cry out, "Violence and destruction are coming!" This message from the LORD has made me an object of continual insults and derision."  #MESSENGER #PROPHET

I know "Black Lives Matter", but the folks they seem to matter to the least are Black People. When I hear talk like "I'm gonna kill that nigga" and in the same breath talk of "Black Revolution" I ignore it because the contradiction speaks so loud it gives me a headache. The NAACP started a March from Selma, Alabama to Washington D.C., and there were rallies for the anniversary of Mike Brown's death with folks defending a black man who shot at police and got shot by the police in return during the protests. The same groups didn't get outraged about the innocent 9-year old girl shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri by a black man standing outside while she was doing her homework sitting on her bed around the time all this was taking place. "Black Lives Matter" huh? To who? You? I'll believe it when I see it. It's got to matter more at a grassroots level when the television cameras are not on and we don't have the spotlight for me to start believing it. I'm with it in spirit but I still have some questions yet to be answered.

JEREMIAH (NET) 20:9"Sometimes I think, "I will make no mention of his message. I will not speak as his messenger any more." But then his message becomes like a fire locked up inside of me, burning in my heart and soul. I grow weary of trying to hold it in; I cannot contain it."  #BURDEN #MESSAGE

The Black Community can't keep ignoring the termites eating away the foundation of our house while chasing the gophers making holes in the yard. We're an unbalanced society in rebellion against our Creator which is why racism is even an issue to begin with. Sin is still our #1 problem that creates all other problems but folks won't acknowledge it because it forces them to point at themselves instead of elsewhere. I'm pro-black, a Black Nationalist, and all for Black Power but none of that conflicts with my faith. My faith in Christ makes me put those things in perspective so I don't go overboard, and keeps me "pro-Kingdom" of God first and foremost. I love Black People and others too, but Hell doesn't discriminate and will accept us all equally if we don't repent.  ~ I.J. West

PROVERBS (KJV) 14:34; "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people."  #SIN #REPENT #CHANGE


  1. Nicely done...Thank you!

  2. Nicely Done. Well said. Thank you!

  3. I care far more about "Black on Black" crime than "white on Black" violence because I'm black and the chances of my being murdered are more likely to be by one of my own; of which I find highly depressing. However, I still stand in solidarity with my people against racial injustice against us, but I believe we should spend more energy addressing internal issues among our people the more so. I'm not marching & singing, or rioting but I'm with us on what is right and not just what is "Black".

    We should address our community by personally speaking to them, using various media, blogging, and even by public speaking engagements directly to us about us. Solving "Black on Black" crime doesn't end police brutality but stopping it is directly within our power without excuse unlike police brutality. We live in the system but don't have to keep acting out like slaves of the system especially when we are more aware than we ever have been.

    Just because the white man gave us the guns doesn't mean we have to use them on each other, and just because he gave us the drugs doesn't mean we have to use them or sell them. If every time the issue of "black on black" crime comes up and that is your logic to explain it away then you are just as much a slave in your mind to the white man as our ancestors were in their physical bodies. We have to stop regardless of how it got started. ~ I.J. West