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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Excerpts From A No Holds Barred Conversation

Earlier I had a phone conversation with my brother William Avery​ aka "Churchboi", that became a personal ministry moment. He started off by saying, "Man I need to vent for a minute." When I heard what he was saying I begin writing it down and posting various direct quotes from him on my Facebook page. These quotes are from a private conversation that was every bit more anointed than any public sermon.

  • "I know what ministry is because I know what ministry ain't."
  • "One of the biggest failures or successes of the black church is they know how to produce emasculated men. How do you allow another man's voice to have more influence in your own household than yours?!"
  • "Why is the failure of the ministry always the people's fault? You want the anniversaries, the birthdays, the accolades, but none of the failures. It's never you taking accountability for the failure of the ministry or it's never you didn't actually hear from God."
  • "I wonder what would happen if we had a national I AM TIRED OF CHURCH SO I'M NOT GOING DAY?"
  • "A lot of sheep have been left to die. Look at the shock on the shepherd's face when they come back because the shepherd never intended to go back and get them. Some sheep are more of a burden to the shepherd so he will make sure they get lost with no intention of going to get them, but when they come back healthy and fattened up he tries to take credit."
  • "You can't make a career out of going to church. Some people have made a career out of going to church and still haven't gotten paid for it."
  • "This is something I regret now that relates to church that I should have listened to my father in his drunken stupor about church because it was the truth regardless of the fact he was drunk."  
                                                                               ~ William Avery aka "Churchboi"

You don't have to agree with everything said, but these expressions should be carefully and seriously considered for thought and perspective. ~ I.J. West

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  1. Yes indeed. Truth and more truth.