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Sunday, January 4, 2015

We Don't Know Like We Assume... "Demons" & Etcetera

Here's a nugget of truth to hopefully provoke you to study the Holy Bible. Many who teach on "fallen angels" often have the wrong information. I can tell this when they declare themselves a teacher or minister full of experience and trumped up phony mystical prowess who specializes in "Demonology" or spiritual warfare against "demons". This is an instant giveaway that they are not because they would know the word "demon" is not in the Bible. "Satan, enemy, devil, devils, spirit, spirits, angel and angels" are the words used to describe fallen spiritual beings. "Demon" or "demons" is never used even in the King James English translation. I know what people mean when they use the term and I use it myself, but what does the Bible mean and why doesn't it use the term?

My point is that we often don't research before repeating what we've heard from others or accepted out of tradition, and will even try debating against truth that challenges our traditional beliefs. I used the term "demon" simply as an example. It is from an archaic term that means "spirit of filth" or "heathen god", and also means an "agent of chaos". It does not come from the Hebrew or Greek languages of which the Holy Scriptures are written but from Latin. Satan and his angels do not exist in chaos but use it or employ others given over to it to disrupt the current order to replace it with his own. Devils/Fallen Angels are evil not "chaotic"; though filthy in sins and the object of heathens they are very systematic and operate in their own order.

If we don't know this or have it as correct as we thought for all these many years then what else may we have wrong or be in error about that we need to re-examine? If you don't what or who your enemy truly is then you don't how to fight them. Furthermore, it also proves we don't know all that the Bible says about devils, heavenly angels or even ourselves. Satan counts on us defending our ignorance rather than humbling ourselves and admitting we didn't know what we thought we did, and that we need to learn as students rather than approach a subject or conversation in pride as being well schooled persons or experts. The best students always remain students which makes them the greatest teachers. Be a student and go study.  ~ I.J. West

PROVERBS 25:2; "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."

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