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Sunday, May 11, 2014


I've finally found the courage to come out openly: "I AM A HETEROSEXUAL!"  Thank you LGBT for the motivation by means of your extreme fanaticism and relentless pursuit of recognition for having sex with the same gender whether we agree or not, care or not, and no matter how much we resist your bullying tactics to force your agenda on everyone almost everywhere in the name of equal rights while simultaneously and hypocritically decrying anyone who isn't for you as being "homophobic" to try and deny their rights to disagree & disapprove without discrimination or malice. Yes indeed, I am a very proud heterosexual male!  #TotallyIrrelevant  #Nonsense

I have always known since I was a little boy I was only, have always been, and will always be only interested in females who are naturally & biologically the opposite sex; meaning I am attracted to women only. Oh, I'M BLACK TOO! My blackness you can easily see, but my sexuality must be declared from the mountaintop for a grand spectacle as a matter of achievement whenever I accomplish anything because it has everything to do with it as I've learned from the LGBT community. The LGBT community could never achieve anything if they weren't homosexuals which is why men kissing and penetrating other men, and women licking other women's female parts or using male genital replicas to pleasure each other is so very relevant to their success, psyche, and our advancement as human beings (unapologetic sarcasm).  #ItsAboutSexNotLove  #ItsNotAboutNature

Sexual preference is not about who you choose to love or how you were born, but about who you choose to have sex with regardless of how you were born. Who a person chooses to have sex with is a choice; not an uncontrollable compulsion genetically determined by nature that is legislated by government and ignored by the LORD. Choosing to "love" someone based on sexual orientation doesn't make it love but lust, and choosing to love someone of the same sex under the claim of sexual orientation makes it unnatural lust and anti-human in nature by practice. Now back to our regularly scheduled, syndicated, and completely misguided program: "HETEROPHOBIA & THE PRESSURE TO BE POLITICALLY CORRECT IN A HOMOSEXUALLY INCORRECT SOCIETY".  #YepiSaidIt  ~ I.J. West 

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